Things Apple won't tell you

Dont' Waste Your Money

Think the Apple store is crowded these days?

You haven't seen anything yet: Wait until this fall's release of the new iPhone and possibly a smaller iPad, which may be called the iPad Mini.

But while consumers flock to all things Apple, there are some things the company doesn't really tell you, according to a report in SmartMoney magazine.

Things Apple Won't Tell

Among them:

    - Our customers are worn out, and tired of upgrading every year.

    - Be careful of apps. Some free apps charge money for "in app" purchases. Beware.

    - We're getting in the way of dinner, church services, and romance.

The report says Apple gets in the way of human contact because many people check their iPhones during dinner and immediately after intimacy.  The report says iPhones have replaced the old cigarette on the nightstand.

And perhaps the biggest thing Apple won't tell you:

    - You'll spend more money if you have an iPad.
SmartMoney says a shiny iPad with instant access to iTunes and Amazon means its so easy to purchase things like movies and music or clothing and shoes.

While there are not any scientific studies to support its claim, SmartMoney says the anecdotal evidence suggests that iPad owners make more impulse purchases.

Of course, it really doesn't matter what the critics say about Apple, of if other smartphones do more.

Apple still has cachet and coolness that other companies just dream about.

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