Lower prices coming in two weeks

Don't Waste Your Money

With Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day this year, many parents stayed home, and missed some of the best deals on toys and tablets for the kids.

But don't despair.

What many stores don't want you to know is that prices are often cheaper even closer to Christmas.

When it Pays to Wait

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are like the popular kids in school: They get all the buzz.

But the money saving website Deal News.com says Cyber Monday never has the lowest prices: it's just the most popular day for online shopping.
As an example, Deal News checked records on Toys R Us from last year, 2012.  Its Fabulous 15 toys were actually priced lower than Black Friday two weeks before Christmas, during a weekend sale.

That means the $54 Furby might be more reasonably priced if you wait another week or two.

It also says clothing, such as sweaters and scarves, are much cheaper the weekend before Christmas -- during final holiday markdown -- than the first week of December.

But Don't Wait on Hot Items

But from the doesn't that stink file, waiting too long for a hot item to go down in price, so that by the time it does, there are none left.

You'll say " doesn't that stink?"

    Three items to buy when you find them, no matter the price:

    -The brand new PlayStation 4
    -The also new XBox One
    -The Leap Pad Explorer 2.

If you find any one of these, you may want to grab it, and not hold out for a better deal.  It won't be marked down before Christmas.

Most Items Cheaper  Dec 14th - 24th

If you missed the Thanksgiving night sales, or were boycotting the early store openings,  the only thing you really missed were some really good TV and iPad deals.

Deal News says almost everything else -- from toys to clothing to jewelry - will be cheaper just before Christmas, starting the weekend of December 14th.

That way you don't waste your money.   


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