Expandable garden hose: Hundreds of complaints

Everyone's seen ads for those shrinking garden hoses, that shrivel up into a little ball when you're not using them. And millions of people are buying them.

But have you checked some of the reviews posted online?

One man wishes he had before he bought.

Thought it would make gardening easier

David Kapp loves his garden, but hates dealing with big bulky hoses.

So when he saw a commercial for the "Flex-able Hose," he got very interested. It seemed like it would make watering much easier for him and his wife.

"When this came along," Kapp said, "the big attraction to me was no kinking, easier watering for my wife, and we could sprinkle to our hearts content."

So Kapp ordered two of their longest hoses, for a total of $86, after shipping and handling.

Troubles soon develop

He says they expanded just like in the commercials, but the similarity ended there.

He could not get them to run a sprinkler properly. "They don't work well with sprinkler attachments," he said. "You have to have that pressure build up from the hose being off, from the nozzle. The water came out, but it was just a little bit-a-bit, a little coming out at a time."

But that wasn't the worst of it. After a few weeks, his second hose burst.

When he lifted it up, he was flooded by a cascade of water, from what appeared to be multiple holes.

Hundreds of complaints online

So Kapp got online, and found more than 250 complaints on Amazon.com , about the Flex-able hose bursting or breaking in some way.

We emailed the company twice, and left a voice mail message, but received no response.

Kapp, meantime, is stuck, as the hoses have just a 60 day warranty. "I was trying to be nice to my wife, and she didn't even know I ordered them," he said.

Other brands may be different

Remember, this was just one brand of shrinking hose, and is not indicative of all of them.

But before you buy any of these hoses, its a good idea to read online reviews at Amazon and other sites, so you don't waste your money.


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