Credit card surcharge, new credit card charges 2013: Shoppers upset over new credit card fee

For the first time ever, stores now have the right to add a surcharge to credit card purchases, as a result of a settlement between retailers and card companies.

Retailers in 40 states -- plus online merchants -- can now charge you a fee for swiping your credit card.

Florida, New York, California, Kansas, Oklahoma and several other states will not allow this new fee. But in others, it's fair game.

How much? Between 1 percent and 4 percent of your total purchase.

In other words, if you buy an HDTV for $400, you could be charged an extra $16 for using a credit card instead of a debit card or cash.

Shoppers we spoke with were not happy to hear this. 

"It's not very fair at all for a store to charge a dollar every time you swipe a card," said shopper Justin Robbins.
"I don't think they should charge anything," said Amberly Gamble. "Because number one, we're helping them, you know?"

Stores Taking Their Time

The good news for shoppers: this may not happen immediately, if at all.

We checked with Cincinnati-based Kroger, where a spokesman told us the grocery chain has made "no decision so far."

Walmart says it won't add this fee in any stores, telling ABC News "we are not interested in surcharging customers in order to allow credit card companies to continue charging unfair fees."

This means smaller mom and pop stores may be first to add these charges.

What You Can Do
The good news: Stores have to post a sign in the door or at the register if they plan to charge a swipe fee. So watch for it.
And if you don't like the new fee, you may want to complain to the store's management, or shop somewhere else.

"I think that's terrible," Marie Sepazance said. "I would probably not use a credit card. I'd rather pay cash."

Two ways around this fee:

        -One, use a debit card (or use your credit card as "debit" with a PIN), where these fees don't apply.

       -Or use an American Express card, which, for now, is not allowing these fees.

As always, don't waste your money.

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