Christmas ads: Kmart starts airing holiday commercials on TV

Don't Waste Your Money

How early is too early for Christmas season?

That's what a lot of people are wondering, after Kmart starting airing the first holiday ad of the TV season, one of the earliest Christmas ads ever.

The commercial, which began airing on Sept. 8, says "Don't let the holidays sneak up on you. Shop early at Kmart with free layaway. And even Shop Your Way member priced items can be put on layaway."

It's not as funny as Kmart's 'ship your pants' commercial, but it's having an impact.

Many people are saying online that the second week of September is too early for a Christmas shopping commercial, even if it is simply to promote layaway, which starts next week.

Some Christmas Displays Already Up

Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby stores began setting up their Christmas departments on Aug. 1, so the holiday season is already in full bloom at some stores.

And it's no surprise. The holiday season is the biggest shopping season of the year, with September one of the slowest shopping months, aside from January and February.

Starting Christmas early makes business sense. The website The Consumerist calls this "Christmas Creep."

If you find a Christmas display in a store, take a picture with your phone and email it or Facebook it to us, so we can show some more displays as they go up.

And feel to post your feelings about starting the holidays so early.

As always, don't waste your money.

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