Apple (APPL) iPhone 5C, 5S: Should you upgrade?

Two new iPhones, so many questions. Should you upgrade?

It's the dilemma facing iPhone owners, now that the wait is over:  Apple is going Technicolor, with the launch of the plastic bodied iPhone 5C.

New Phone #1: 5C

The 5C, which which will go on sale Wednesday, Sept. 20, will feature a plastic case and come in 5 colors.

C is for color, not for cheap.  But it will be cheaper, selling for just $99 with a 2-year contract, challenging other low cost smartphones on the market.

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New Phone #2: 5S

Apple is also upgrading last year's iPhone 5 with a 5S.

It's biggest change: A new 'Home' button with fingerprint sensor, so you can log on with a touch of your finger.

It will also be faster than the 5, have a dual flash for better pictures, slow motion video, and will also come in the color gold.

Apple will not discount the older iPhone 5, but rather will discontinue it.  Customers wanting a cheaper phone now have two options: the $99 C, or the older 4S, which will be free with a 2 year contract.

And both new phones will feature the new IOS 7 operating system.

Should you upgrade?

For people still using an iPhone 4 or 4S that's getting long in the tooth, the announcement was very good news.

iPhone owner Allie Bagley said "definitely, mine is cracked up and down the screen, so it's a sure thing for me."

But others we spoke with told us the new phones are missing the one thing they really want: A wider screen, like the Samsung Galaxy.

They're not sure they are ready to upgrade to the 5S.

"I may hold out a little bit, I'll definitely hold out a little while, to see how it performs," said Cincinnati iPhone 4S owner Joseph Shawn.

If he waits till next fall, he just might get a bigger phone, in the next generation iPhone 6. 

The rumor mill is already churning on that one, with hints that its screen will be as large as the Galaxy's or even bigger.

If you are unsure, you can upgrade your existing phone free of charge to the new IOS 7 operating system starting Sept. 18, so your phone has the new look.

Whichever phone you decide on, don't waste your money.

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