Donnie's Place, Barbie's Place, & Giveness Caribbean Restaurant temporarily shut down by state

Stop sale issued at another restaurant

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Roaches and rats. Two pests that will make you lose your appetite, but state inspectors found them hiding in the kitchens of local restaurants.

The rats and roaches have a diverse appetite this week. They munched their way into a diner, southern soul, and Caribbean restaurant.

"That's surprising," said Giveness Caribbean Restaurant customer Johnathan Auguste. "They (the restaurant) make delicious food."

He Giveness at 1459 S. Congress Ave. in Delray Beach. Inspectors found 270 dry rodent droppings and 51 fresh. Rodent rub marks were also observed along the walls and ceilings near the flat grill in the kitchen.

Management did not return our calls for comment. Click here to see recent Giveness Caribbean Restaurant inspections.

Pesky pests even with a professional treatment

The owner is talking at Barbie's Place, 935 Foresteria Drive in Lake Park.

"I was trying to legally get rid of the b*******. That's why she found rat traps out, because you are allowed to have them out, because he was trying to get rid of them," owner Richard Bertram said.

Inspectors found 56 rodent droppings, and several traps in the kitchen.

Bertram says he thought his pest control company was fixing the problem.

"He promised me he could get rid of them. I'm not a bug man. I'm a cook. That's what I do. I hired a professional to handle my problem, end of story," Bertram said.

Bertram said could have prevented this story if he followed up more with the bug man and cut back the palm trees that were hanging on the roof earlier.

"I'm human. We made a mistake. That's why I invited you in. I have nothing to hide," Bertram explained.

The restaurant cleaned up its act, and wishes its neighbor would too. Theres a vacant and exposed building next door.

We asked if the rats are still at the restaurant.

"Not as bad," Bertram said.

Customer Nancy Pastore loves Barbie's.

"I never seen a rat or mouse here or anything," Pastore explained. "We've been coming here for years now."

Click here to see recent inspections for Barbie's Place.

Roaches eating cardboard at soul food business

At Donnie's Place, 60 NW 5 Avenue in Delray Beach, inspectors found more than 60 live roaches.

We asked how the roaches got inside.

"Through supples. We was keeping the cardboard boxes now we are storing everything in plastic," owner Donnie Dobson said.

Donnie's was closed for several days to clean from top to bottom.

"This is the first bad inspection we've had," Dobson explained. "The problem has been taken care of. We are back to normal. We still have the same great food that we always had. I would like some forgiveness and come back. Everything is fine."

Click here to see recent inspections for Donnie's Place.

New Dirty Dining record for violations

While Jack's Pizzeria at 148 NW California Blvd in Port St. Lucie was not shut down, it had the most violations this week, and hit a new high for our Dirty Dining segments. State health and sanitation inspectors found 51 violations.

While 34 issues were basic, a stop sale was issued for the ice. Inspectors found glass cups stored in the ice used for drinks. That's a high priority issue.

Mold was also found in the interior of the ice machine which is an intermediate violation.

Jack's Pizzeria owner, Jack, sent us the following statement, "I've been in business for 6 years and I'm glad to say I am doing pretty good with my food. My whole kitchen is open area for all the customers to see me cooking their food."

Click here to read recent inspections for Jack's Pizzeria.

The map below shows all the temporary closures this year. The map is searchable.

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