Countdown to grand opening of Palm Beach Outlets

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Construction workers are putting finishing touches to the Palm Beach Outlets.

"Right now a lot of the outside work is just being completed. It's just inside now where the stores are in with their own contractors building out their stores," said outlets general manager Jim Roberts.

Palm Beach Outlets will be opening up in two phases.

The first phase includes the stores in the grand opening next month. The second phase will take place in the fall "The outlets itself will open up on February 14th. Then we have a power center which is right along I-95 and that's where a lot of people see the construction that's where our Nordstrom Rack will be and Whole Foods and a couple of big box tenants." Roberts said.

Also on opening day-- security cameras will be operating to help keep shoppers safe.

"We are going to have cameras throughout the property inside and out. We will also have public safety team on the Segways that you see and we will have call boxes throughout the center."

Roberts wants Palm Beach Outlets to be a local and tourist destination for shopping. "We don't have movie theaters, we don't have a lot of entertainment. We are really complimentary to CityPlace and downtown and the dining experience. This is purely retail."

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