Boca Raton Resort & Club, Carolyn's Kitchen at Winston Trails, & Yum Yum Express shut down

Roaches, rodents found at some restaurants

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Waldorf Astoria is known for its exquisite landscaping, beautiful buildings, and world class service. State inspectors recently painted a different picture in the kitchen of the Boca Raton Resort & Club kitchen.

We were turned away at the gate, unable to see what management has done to improve its main kitchen at 501 E Camino Real, Boca Raton.

At the Boca Raton Resort and Club, inspectors say they found 15 roaches. A manager killed some of the live ones on the spot. Inspectors say there were also live flies and shut down the main kitchen.

Club President, Richard Hayduk, said "On Dec. 10, 2013, during a routine inspection of the Boca Raton Resort & Club, The Department of Business and Professional Regulation Division of Hotels and Restaurants of the State of Florida temporarily closed one of the nine kitchens on property for a period of 6 hours.

The Resort & Club's 12 restaurants were not affected and remained in operation.

Ms. Strathman inquired about potentially hazardous food found in a refrigerated unit located in the Mizner Center.  Two non-hotel food items belonging to associates were discovered and disposed immediately.  The senior inspector noted this on the report as, "Corrected On-Site".

The Resort & Club has an exemplary record of inspections by the State's Division of Hotels and Restaurants.  The Boca Raton Resort & Club greatly appreciates the work of The Department of Business and Professional Regulation Division of Hotels and Restaurants and their commitment to ensuring a safe dining experience for all guests of the Boca Raton Resort & Club".

At Yum Yum Express, 931 Village Blvd, Suite 906 in West Palm Beach, state inspectors found 27 violations including nine that were a high priority.

The restaurant owner walked away, threw his hands up in the air, and slammed the kitchen door.

A few hours later, the assistant manager asked us to come back to explain what the restaurant has done to clean up after a state inspector shut down the restaurant.

"He fixed everything and had a bug man come spray once a month now," said Joyce Siddle.

The Chinese restaurant also had to throw away raw beef, chicken, shrimp and cooked pork because it wasn't the right temperature.

"The freezer froze up overnight. He de-thawed it. The meat was a little warm.  We didn't know it was warm until the inspector came, but we stopped the sale that day," said Siddle.

Sales were also stopped at Carolyn's Kitchen, 6101 Winston Trails Blvd in Lake Worth, located in the Winston Trails Golf and Fitness center.

According to the state report, a stop sale was issued for the the marinara sauce that was the wrong temperature, and the kitchen had to close its doors for rodent droppings.

An employee told us they cleaned up the droppings and reopened the next day. Inspectors said they found 49 fresh droppings and 20 dry with the majority found near sinks and a few were near the convection oven.

The owner said all the issues were corrected, and the kitchen reopened the next day. He said the marinara sauce wasn't chilling properly, and they were in the middle of gutting and renovating the kitchen when the inspector arrived. The inspector found no violations the next day.

Baracudas on 441 in Okeechobee also came to our attention. The state issued a stop sale on food that was too warn and found 40 dry rodent droppings. The restaurants did not have a comment.

Gilou Island Cuisine II, 1922 N. Military Trail in West Palm Beach was cited for five to six dead roaches in the dry storage area, and one live roach on the kitchen floor. A restaurant employee says the live roach was found by the kitchen door with some boxes that had just been delivered. The restaurant also had a stop sale on some food due to temperature abuse. Nicole's Seafood Restaurant, 4616 S. Jog Road in Greenacres was cited for a dead roach in a cooler. A manager says an inspector came back the next day and everything was fine.

101 Cantina Boca LLC, 133 SE Mizner Blvd in Boca Raton was cited for small flying insects in the bar area. There was also a stop sale issued on some food due to temperature abuse.

Villaggio, 344 Plaza Real in Boca Raton was cited for small flying insects in the bar area. The manager, Shawn, says it was fruit flies and the issue has been taken care of.

Southern Comfort Grill, 642 21st Street in Vero Beach was cited for live flies in the kitchen. Nick, who oversees the restaurant, says they were fruit flies that came in with a shipment of strawberries.

Mizner Center at Boca Raton Resort, 501 E Camino Real in Boca Raton was cited for small, flying insects in the utensil storage area.

El Tipico Quetzal Cafeteria, 714 Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach had a stop sale on steak, fish and eggs that was left out of temperature for more than six hours.

Stresa Italian Restaurant, 2710 Okeechobee Blvd. in West Palm Beach had a stop sale on food that was not cooled correctly.

Grumpy Grouper Grille, 935 Park Ave in Lake Park had a stop sale on calamari that was held at the wrong temperature. Rick, the vice president of the restaurant, says they threw it out and started over.

Ramada West Palm Beach, 1901 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, in West Palm Beach had a stop sale on food that was not consumed or sold within seven days from opening or preparation.  A spokesman for the restaurant, Mark, says the food was left on a shelf following a banquet and was not being served to the public.

Club House at Palm Beach Kennel Club, 1111 Congress Ave in West Palm Beach had a stop sale on food due to temperature abuse. Theresa, a spokeswoman, sent us this statement: "In May, Palm Beach Kennel Club was cited by the Health inspectors for one piece of faulty refrigeration equipment. As soon as the problem was discovered, all foods were thrown away and the equipment was fixed. On a daily basis, all refrigeration equipment is monitored to check for the proper temperature. Last week, the health inspectors again found this same refrigerator's temperature to be slightly high. All foods were discarded and the equipment has since been replaced."

Crazy Buffet, 2030 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd in West Palm Beach had 39 violations, the most of any restaurant for the week ending Dec. 20. Five of the violations were a high priority for issues like raw meat / poultry held at the wrong temperature, and raw chicken stored over ready to eat shrimp in the walk in cooler. The restaurant said it is still working on the issues.

Kiko Japanese Buffet, 6177 Jog Road Ste. D1-D4 in Lake Worth had 31 violations, the most violations of any restaurant in our area for the work week ending Dec. 13. Of the 31 violations, seven were high priority. Diego, the manager, says he has had a meeting with the employees regarding the issues and are in the process of fixing them.

Jack Bakers Lobster Shanty, 1 Royal Palm Pointe in Vero Beach, had 31 violations. That's the second most for the week ending Dec. 20. Nine of the issues were a high priority. A stop sale was issued for potentially hazardous food including the au jus and sour cream. The restaurant threw away the food.

Frank Koch, Area Supervisor for Chef's International wrote in a statement, "The amount of items on this past health inspection had more to do with the inspector's supervisor evaluating him than it did with our restaurant. Two High Priority items were listed twice and Basic violations were corrected on site. We have had extremely good inspections in the past, including one prior this year. I have made a complaint to Tallahassee regarding this most recent inspection. We work very hard with the state to stay in compliance on all items, new and old, concerning public health and train staff on all upcoming changes in regulations. We would hate for one inspection done under training evaluation to hurt the reputation of a business that has been serving the community for over 33 years. I invite anyone to come see for themselves how well we conform to the state's health standards."

Sushi Yami, 6177 Jog Road in Lake Worth had 28 violations, the second most of restaurants inspected in our area for the week ending Dec. 13. Of the 28 violations, eight were high priority. A restaurant employee says the violations have been fixed.

You can search your favorite restaurant's recent inspections here.

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