Amazon free shipping update: Minimum for free shipping increases from $25 to $35

Are you one of those people who always try to buy $25 worth of merchandise from, just so you qualify for free shipping?

Then you are not going to like to hear this.

Just in time for the holiday rush, Amazon has announced it is raising the minimum order needed for free shipping from $25 to $35.

This means you will have to buy an extra $10 worth of products to qualify for free shipping, which typically is a $7 savings.

What this means to shoppers

The website says this is the first time in 10 years Amazon has raised its threshold for free shipping.

It says Amazon is trying to get more people to sign up for Amazon Prime, which offers free shipping for a $79 a year.

But this is bad news for people who learned how to "game" the system, buying a couple of books or DVDs, then throwing in a toothbrush to hit that magic $25 number.  It will now take another book purchase, or about 5 more toothbrushes to qualify for free shipping.


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