George W. Bush Speaking in Vero Beach

43rd president giving two speeches


Heavy security was in place Monday as President George W. Bush had a speaking engagement in Vero Beach.

Both talks were sellouts at the Riverside Theatre as part of the Distinguished Lecturer Series.


Part of the responsibility for keeping the president safe fell to a man who became a little familiar with the Bush family over the past three decades.


In the office of Vero Beach police chief David Currey, there's a picture of then Corporal Currey with former president George H.W. Bush during a visit to Dodgertown.


The picture was from 1994.


On a corner bookshelf, is a photo of then Captain Currey with then first lady Laura Bush. That picture is from 2004 when the first lady came to the Treasure Coast after Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne.


Fast forward a decade later to Laura Bush's husband and Chief Currey is responsible for keeping the former commander-in-chief safe while he's in the city.


Without going into specifics, Chief Currey says they worked in partnership with the Secret Service.


"We know the city, we know the airport in our city. We know the lay of the land if you will so we work with them and other agencies in the county like the Indian River County Sheriff's Office," said Chief Currey,


Last Friday, a man was arrested in upstate New York who threatened to kill President Bush.


"You have to pay attention to that and take it serious but to my knowledge that did not come into play in our operation today," said the Chief.


Outside the theater were a number of city police officers. One officer led the presidents' caravan to the theatre.


Back in the office, the Chief shows a picture of some of his team in front of Air Force Two when Vice President Joe Biden stopped in the area.


Chief Currey says it doesn't matter the political party, his job is to make sure whoever the high level dignitary is, that their visit here is safe.


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