Brad Guyton Mims: Okeechobee Freshman Campus school guidance counselor arrested

An Okeechobee Freshman Campus guidance counselor is facing various charges after investigators say he contacted two students outside of school and sent naked pictures of himself and texts of a sexual nature intended for the female student.

The investigation began on Feb. 5 when a school resource officer at Okeechobee Freshman Campus was approached by a 15-year-old student who said that she had been getting looks from her guidance counselor that were making her very uncomfortable.

According to the arrest report, the student told officers that counselor Brad Guyton Mims would "look her up and down, directly into her eyes and then stare at her breasts."

The student also reported that Mims had sent a text message to her cell phone at 10:30 p.m. the previous night. She told the officer that this was the first time Mims had contacted her outside of school. The message was a smiley face. According to the police report, she replied to his text with a thumb's up.

The investigation was then turned over to the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office at that point. An investigator with the sheriff's office contacted the student's father and asked if they could use the student's cell phone to pose at the student to talk with Mims. The father agreed.

A deputy who had possession of the student's phone began receiving texts from Mims intended for the student. According to the report, the texts that were idle talk turned to a sexual nature when Mims began asking for the student to send pictures of her breasts. Deputies say Mims also sent two pictures of his penis. He also mentioned over and over that if these pictures were to get out they would "mess up his life and ruin him."

Deputies responded to Mims' residence where they said they located a mirror and cocaine, 17 crack cocaine pipes, 10 pictures of unidentified female minors, a camcorder, four sex toys, three pistols and an SD card.

During the investigation at Mims' residence, they say he provided the name of a second student that he had been in contact with.

Mims was taken into custody and faces charges of lewd computer solicitation of a child, two counts-transmission of material harmful to minor by electronic equipment and two counts-use a child in sexual performance. His bond was set at $135,000.

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