Top 5 Payday Lenders Offering No Credit Check Loans With Guaranteed Approval

Posted at 2:24 PM, Sep 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-23 14:24:55-04

The online world can simplify our everyday lives. In recent years, almost every second human lives a fast life, full of responsibilities and tasks. Because we can not expand the day, we might be able to find other faster solutions or someone or something that will help you find the right option.

This is a case with our selected lender platforms, which find a matching lender instead of you. The main job of these websites is to help busy people find instant cash sources in a few minutes without spending hours, days, and weeks searching for a financial solution.

Your bad credit score is not an obstacle to finding a loan lender who will lend you money. Our websites partner with various loan lenders who offer loans even to bad credit holders. Your option might be limited, but the chances of getting loan approval are not impossible.

The lending platforms might be the best money source in cases when the bank refuses to give you money because of your credit score damage and not showing bright credit history.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and possible disadvantages of online borrowing. So, let’s discover more about the best loan companies for no credit check loans and their features!

Best No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval In 2022

  1. MoneyMutual: Best No Credit Check Loans Online; Same Day Approval
  2. BadCreditLoans: Best No Credit Check Loans With Fast Funding
  3. RadCred: Best No Credit Check Loans With Easy Application Process
  4. CashUSA: Best No Credit Check Loans Approval Within 24 Hours
  5. PersonalLoans: Best No Credit Check Loans With Current Interest Rates

#1. MoneyMutual: Best No Credit Check Loans Online; Same Day Approval


In the first place, we chose MoneyMutual. This website is not a lender, nor are its owners. MoneyMutual is a company founded in 2010, and until today, it offers only mediating services between lenders and potential borrowers.

The years of experience helped MoneyMutual to take first place among many other similar platforms because of its speed, quality, and successful matching algorithm.

The website collects information from the clients, shares that information with the lenders who might be interested in offering a loan, and enables the connection if the interest is the same from both sides.

MoneyMutual also lets you apply for a loan via its free electronic form. One electronic form is sent to multiple lenders so that applicants do not waste time filling out separate forms.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your data safety. The website took care of it using the 2048-BIT encryption technology over its database.

MoneyMutual has earned many trademarks for safety and transparency, increasing the website’s trustworthiness. From the reviews, we can indeed say that MoneyMutual is a platform you can trust. MoneyMutual requires full transparency regarding the fees and rates the loan carries.


Unique for MoneyMutual is the indicator pointing to how many lenders are active at the moment. The number ranges around a hundred, which is an excellent number and a good chance to apply and get a lender’s response.

On MoneyMutual, you can find multiple loan options for which you can apply. Each loan type has different requirements and amounts, which depend on the applicant’s characteristics and credit worthiness. There is a loan type for bad credit holders since they might get loan approval, too.

MoneyMutual’s lender partners offer loans of up to $5,000, but clients with bad credit can get up to $1,000. The lenders might not check the credit, but if the client’s credit history is too poor, they may consider it and not offer a loan to that applicant. The no credit check loan still has some minimum requirements that the client should meet.


  • Excellent chance for bad credit clients
  • Fast service suitable for busy individuals
  • Simple application form and fast response
  • Minimal prequalification criteria
  • Apply by using only your ID


  • Bad credit brings higher interest and penalty fees

#2. BadCreditLoans: Best No Credit Check Loans With Fast Funding


Bad Credit Loans might encourage you to request a loan since it is a place for all good and bad credit holders. Some lender partners accept any credit score and offer loans without a credit check. Other lenders may consider the credit if the borrower requests a higher loan amount.

The website lets you use the free-of-cost loan application form, which is sent to the network of lenders and non-lender partners. There is no rule that one loan request brings only one loan offer. You may receive multiple loan offers or none, depending on your characteristics and needs.

Bad Credit Loans is not directly involved in the borrowing process or the loan creation. It is more like an independent party in the whole situation that helps two parties come together because of mutual interest.

Meanwhile, Bad Credit Loans would not ask you to pay anything using its application form, services, guides, or support center. The website is free for the applicants but paid for the lender members.

The borrowing process begins when the client submits the loan request via the application form placed on the Bad Credit Loans website. The simple form requires basic information about the applicant and his income.


Compared to the first platform, Bad Credit Loans offers slightly higher loan hangouts that may reach $10,000. Also, bad credit applicants should understand that they can request lower loan amounts of up to $1,000 because no lender will risk a lot of money.

The loans you can find here are meant to help you in the short term and cover some short-term expenses. The process goes fast, and you might receive the money in about 24 hours. But, before jumping to the money receiving part, you should go through a few simple processes.

Complete the form, and wait for a response. If you don’t receive a response, you might not meet some of the required criteria to qualify. Don’t worry if this happens because Bad Credit Loans has non-lender partners who may offer you other financial or credit-repair solutions. No matter what kind of offer you receive, you can accept it or not; the choice is yours.


  • Immediate lender connection
  • A good place to find a loan with bad credit
  • The secured and safe online borrowing process
  • Electronic and fast money transfer
  • Minimal general qualification requirements


  • Receiving loan approval is not guaranteed

#3. RadCred: Best No Credit Check Loans With Easy Application Process


Our next choice is RadCred, a simple lending platform that works without a huge philosophy. Like many trusted online platforms, RadCred has earned multiple trademarks for quality and safe services. The website uses the standard 2048-bit RSA encryption on the collected information.

If you opt for RadCred, you will not make a mistake. The website sticks to simplicity and excludes the long-waiting processes to find a financial solution. To begin the process, you need to submit the loan request form, which is located on RadCred’s home page.

Applying for a loan would not take much time because you would not need to collect documents and transaction reports. This website works on a simplified principle and requires only a government-issued ID or driver’s license to apply.

RadCred lets you get fast cash in around 24 hours. But before that, you should get a loan offer from a lender. RadCred and the lenders have separate qualification requirements that every client should meet to qualify for a loan.

Bad credit applicants are also welcome since RadCred offers loans even for bad credit holders. In this case, bad credit holders can request lower loan amounts.


The TrustedSite certification means a lot for both the website and the clients. The website gains more trust, and the clients feel safer choosing the specific platform, knowing everything they share will be safe and secure.

The loan application requires information about your identity, living location, working address, birth date, contact number, income amount, source, and other details. Your completed form is further shared only within the parties connected to the RadCred network.

RadCred lets the applicants request up to $5,000 and get the funds in 24 hours. The no credit check loan offers are of smaller amounts because those clients risk not repaying the total loan amount if it is taken in larger amounts.

The website can not specify the fees and interest because it is often a lender’s secret and differs from client to client. But often, a lower credit score carries higher fees and rates.


  • RadCred is a TrustedSite-certified and OLA member
  • Collected details are protected with 2048-bit RSA
  • Request for up to $5,000
  • Instant funding in around 24 hours
  • Apply via RadCred fast and for free


  • RadCred has no limitations on the APR

#4. CashUSA: Best No Credit Check Loans Approval Within 24 Hours

CashUSA is the richest online lending platform. Its rich profile is based on the extensive information, guides, and details explained in its Education center, which is available for everyone who needs extra information.

The lending platform has explained how its system works and where your information is shared. The CashUSA network comprises licensed lenders and non-lender parties who may be included in the process if a specific client does not receive a loan from the lender partners.

The third parties may offer help for credit repair or other financial support. These parties include when a client does not meet some criteria of the lender partners and ends up with no loan offer.

The information transfer on CashUSA is safe and protected with industry-standard measures. The safety system encourages many people to request a loan online without concern about misusing personal information.

Anyway, CashUSA supports arbitrage and allows you to initiate prosecution if the website breaks some of the privacy and security rules and rights.

Also, the lender partners of CashUSA can ask your bank to auto-withdraw money from your account if you are not repaying the loan in the predicted time.


You can request up to $10,000 and receive them in a business day if approved. The lenders often consider the credit score criteria for giving loan approval, but sometimes, they might provide a no credit check loan to someone with a lower FICO score.

Being a bad credit client might limit the loan amount you can borrow but would not disqualify you. You should meet all minimum lender criteria to get approved on a no credit check loan. They are generally related to the minimum credit score, income amount, etc.

CashUSA has some restrictions on the APR height. The lenders should respect the limitation and offer loans with a reasonable annual rate. The APR should range from 5,99% to 35,99%. Its percentage depends on multiple factors like the loan amount, credit score, income, etc. The interest rate is mainly determined and set by the lender.


  • A trusted and experienced mediating website
  • Free request form and 24/7 support center
  • Easy to navigate and request a loan
  • Instant 24h money transfer
  • Option to reject a loan offer


  • The loan’s interest rate increases for bad credit clients

#5.PersonalLoans: Best No Credit Check Loans With Current Interest Rates


Our last choice is PersonalLoans, a platform offering high loan amounts. The website is also a mediating party and is not included in the direct lending process. The clients can apply via Personal Loans and continue working with the matched lender if approved.

Personal Loans can not guarantee anything else except good security over the collected information. The online form where you have to enter all required details is free of cost and available on the website. Its simple requirements will take only a few minutes of your precious time.

Personal Loans aims to make the borrowing process faster and help everyone find a matching lender that might give them a good loan offer. The lenders are the ones who decide about the amount of the fees and interest charged on the loan’s principal.

The loan request form asks for the loan purpose, but you can keep it sacred and choose ”Other.” The loan’s purpose is good to share so that the lenders might make a loan that meets the purpose and your financial condition.

Personal Loans require meeting a few simple criteria and lets even the unemployed apply for a loan and get approval if meeting all other eligibility criteria.


Compared to the other websites in this review, PersonalLoans offers loans of up to $35,000. The minimum loan amount you can ask for via this website is $1,000, which is also the maximum amount you can request if having bad credit.

Part of the PersonalLoans lender partners does not prefer checking the credit when giving loan approval, which is good news for applicants with lower FICO scores. Despite the no credit check process, the bad credit clients must ensure they meet the minimum criteria of the PersonalLoans lenders.

The loans borrowed via PersonalLoans are often repaid in multiple installments. The number of installments and the fees and interest rate is explained in the loan offer you might receive before putting your agreement on the borrowing contract.

If the fees and installments are too high and seem like a threat to your current finances, you can reject the offer and wait for a better one.


  • Excellent for good and bad FICO score clients
  • Licensed and trusted USA lenders
  • Option to compare offers and choose among
  • You can also not accept any loan offer
  • The mediating services are free of cost


  • Private lenders often charge high interest

How Did We Create This List Of Bad Credit Loans & No Credit Check Loans?

Speedy process

Our main goal was to find mediating websites that would speed up the process and save more of your time. This criterion led us to these websites that promise a faster and more convenient borrowing process.

Their lender partners are generally individuals who have a license for doing their jobs and provide people with fast cash. The entire process goes much faster via these platforms, from the application to the money transfer.

Simple requirements

We were curious about the form’s requirements since all five websites pointed out that their form is simple and fast to complete. All five platforms have the same requesting principle and requirements.

The application form asks for general details that almost everyone knows about himself and needs no documents or reports to prove them right. Another good thing is that you may need only your ID and bank account numbers to complete the whole form.

Money and time-saving platforms

When we dug deeper, we noticed that these platforms are an excellent choice if you want to save more of your time and a lot of money. For example, these platforms do not require a physical meeting with the lender, a handwritten application form, or searching for the matched lender store downtown. The process is entirely online and without a need to leave your home.

Good feedback from clients

We ended our research by checking the testimonials left by the customers who have already used these platforms to find a lancer.

We found many good and fewer average-rated reviews since not everyone gets loan approval. The high-rated reviews were a good sign. Now, let’s take a look at the best loan companies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I request a loan via a lending platform if unemployed?

Yes. Many lending platforms highlight this option, mentioning that the income source is not an essential detail in the loan application. You can be unemployed, but you must have a steady monthly income from other sources.

For example, unemployed clients should receive an income from renting their property, retirement checks, aliment, disability benefits, etc.

Q2. What if I can not repay an installment on the predicted date?

Remember the date because most lenders charge high penalty fees for missing the date or making early payments. The repayments should be made on the predicted date and in their predicted amount. Otherwise, the lender has a right to charge you penalties for breaking the rules you previously agreed.

Q3. Can I get an emergency loan if I have a bad FICO score?

Yes. Online bad credit loans are quite popular nowadays. More and more people face tough financial situations and damage their credit.

To help these people out, most lenders offer loans of lower amounts, known as bad credit loans. In these cases, some lenders check the credit, while others prefer giving loans without a credit check.

Conclusion: Best Payday Lenders For No Credit Check Loans

Well, this is the very end of this article. We are happy that many trusted lenders agree to give online loans for people with bad credit clients without checking their scores. The loans are of lower amounts, which is much easier for you to repay them faster.

Our lending platforms will do their best to find you a matching lender for free. Choose your mediating platform today for no credit check loans!