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Ageless Attitude 2018: Publix Pharmacy

Posted: 5:03 PM, Apr 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-10 09:17:17-04
Ageless Attitude 2018: Publix Pharmacy

Small ways to save money make a big difference when it comes to retirement.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, paying for medications on a fixed income can prove challenging.  The Publix Pharmacy makes it easier with their “Next Best Thing to Free” program.  It’s open to everyone, regardless of insurance.

You’ll pay just $7.50 for up to a 90-day supply of certain medications.

There’s no fee to participate and no enrollment necessary.  These low-cost medications are those most commonly prescribed for medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, seizures, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, osteoporosis and mental health conditions.

For the complete list of medications, visit . To learn more about Publix Pharmacy services, stop by your nearest Publix Pharmacy, or visit .