10 Best Payday Loans with No Credit Check and Direct Lenders for Bad Credit - September 2022

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Posted at 9:47 PM, Sep 12, 2022
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10 Best Payday Loans with No Credit Check and Direct Lenders for Bad Credit

If you are hoping to give your fiance the wedding of her dreams, or if your car’s engine broke down and you can’t make it to work easily anymore, usually a payday loan with no credit check would be the solution.

However, if you have bad credit, you probably will face rejection, but don’t worry because we are reviewing in-depth the 10 best online payday loan companies here, which will not refuse your application and still offer you the loans.

Let us start with a quick overview of the top 5 of our list before diving in-depth into what those companies have to offer you.

  • WeLoans - Best Payday Loans for 24 Hours Available Services.
  • iPaydayLoans - Best Payday Loans for a Wide Network of Direct Lenders.
  • CocoLoan - Best Payday Loans for Online Quick Approval.
  • USBad Credit Loans - Best for Bad Credit Applicants. 

Now that you’ve browsed the top 4 companies, let us take a look at what those companies, along with the others that take up the top 10 of the list, have to offer you. All you need to do is to go over the main points and decide which company would be best for your needs.

WeLoans - Best Payday Loans for 24 Hours Available Services


When you are searching for online payday loans with bad credit, you will most probably need to prepare to be offered harsh terms with high-interest fees. WeLoans is the company that will dig up the best interest rates for you.

WeLoans has the highest approval rate of up to 97% and the only users who got rejected have either failed to provide the correct information during the application process, had no bank account, or failed to provide proof of income.


  • Quick approval rate and funds.
  • Application considered even if you have bad credit. 
  • WeLoans has partnered with an extensive network of lenders. 


  • To get access to the best offers, you need to provide collateral or have a guarantor.
  • WeLoans services are restricted to certain states.

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iPaydayLoans - Best Payday Loans for a Wide Network of Direct Lenders


Are you tight on time now and eagerly desiring to get money immediately to finance big purchases or cover your medical costs, but struggle to find a quick and viable solution? iPaydayLoans comes in handy with a free service of providing a time-efficient and transparent application.

The company has a wide network of credible direct lenders who will take into consideration your specific situations and give offers based on your personal needs. It is a piece of cake to get the offer with competitive rates from so many flexible loan options.

However, before making a decision, you need to carefully compare the charges, rates, and other loan terms of different offers and choose the most affordable one. And you will also have a chance of quickly getting approved for the payday loan even if you have a very poor credit score and receive the emergency funds as soon as the same day.


  • Straightforward online application process. 
  • No hard credit check is needed, so your credit score will not be affected. 


  • The services of iPaydayLoans aren’t available in some states.

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CocoLoan - Best Payday Loans for Online Quick Approval.


What makes CocoLoan stand out in this list is the online lightning-fast approvals and funding. So if your financial emergency can’t wait for long processes, CocoLoan is the company to choose for a payday loan with no credit check.

Additionally, CocoLoan has the most trusted online lenders as partners and you will receive tailored offers from them regardless of your credit history. There are also other types of loans you can choose from, such as installment loans, quick loans, cash advances, etc.


  • CocoLoan’s service is free of charge and available within 24 hours.
  • Typically, after signing off the agreement for the loan offer, a borrower can receive the cash in less than an hour. 


  • $5000 are just the maximum you can get with a payday loan, but the specific amount will depend on your situation.

Get A Quote With CocoLoan’s 24/7 Service And Borrow Up To $5000.

US Bad Credit Loans - Best for Bad Credit Applicants


US Bad Credit Loans has partnered with US-based direct lenders and it offers you the easiest way to get a no credit check payday loan with an online form and hassle-free process.This company’s specialty is to give financial assistance to people with bad credit and help them get loans quickly when they are in an emergency.

US Bad Credit Loans uses top-notch technology, so while applying you can be at ease that all of your personal data is encrypted. Besides, getting the loans and repaying them on time can help raise your credit score.



  • The no credit check payday loans offered are short-termed so you need to pay them back quickly. 

Apply Effortlessly With A Few Clicks To Get Cash Quickly Via Bad Credit Loans.

CashUSA - Best Payday Loans with Straightforward Application Process


CashUSA prides itself on making borrowers free to choose the best offers from various lenders online and receive the funds as soon as the next working day in just several simple steps. You will go through more useful information with a detailed explanation on its website about how to get a payday loan and what should be into consideration while applying.

The reliable and trustworthy company has thousands of happy customers to date. Therefore, you can rest assured that taking out payday loans with it is a viable option.


  • The company offers loans with no credit history restrictions. 
  • 100% transparent. 


  • Your personal information will be shared with other companies. 
  • You should have a job in the last 3 months if you want to be qualified for payday. loans with no credit check.

Easy To Get Payday Loans From A Wide Range Of Credible Lenders At CashUSA.

PersonalLoans - Best Payday Loans for No Hidden Fees


If you urgently need a payday loan for more purchases, apply for it with PersonalLoans. Moreover, you will also get different offers with competitive terms from its extensive network of lenders. PersonalLoans makes getting a payday loan with no credit check an easy task with its easy-to-meet requirements and transparency in charges.

The loan amounts with this company have varied APR according to different lenders and the loan amount you choose. The company’s website has a detailed explanation of it by displaying several examples of how it is calculated for your convenience.


  • Quick and seamless application process.
  • No additional costs or hidden fees. 
  • PersonalLoans has an extended network of lenders, so you can get even more offers. 
  • The company ensures that your personal information is safe.


  • Lenders on PersonalLoans website have a higher credit score requirement to get better offers than other companies. 

Get The Best Offer That Suits You With A Hassle-Free Process Via PersonalLoans.

Payoff - Best Payday Loans for Customer-Focused Service


Payoffmakes its users happy with its strong and professional team support and it provides assistance to borrowers with no credit check payday loans to consolidate their credit debt. You can enjoy its customer-focused service in every step of the loan process and receive the funds within 2 to 5 working days.

Also, there is no hidden charge during the application process and it is possible to choose the offers with favorable terms and the payoff date.



  • The borrower may be charged an origination fee.  
  • The funds will be deposited into your account for several business days.

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CashAdvance - Best for Working with Reliable Lenders


One of the oldest companies providing services for payday loans, it easily takes a spot within this list. With years of rich experience in providing loans for customers to help them settle financial problems, CashAdvance will definitely do its job right.

What’s more, no matter where you are and when you apply, you can enjoy its free and helpful service to get payday loans at the non-lender third-party lender networks with its simple guideline.


  • A trusted network to help borrowers quickly get payday loans with no credit check. 
  • An excellent customer service team. 
  • Easy and smooth application process. 


  • CashAdvance offers its services free of charge, however, the company is paid by marketers to collect your data. 
  • The company’s lenders also pay the company to send you offers, so they will send you the offers from the highest bidder, and not necessarily the best offer tailored for you. 

Take Out Payday Loans To Get The Emergency Money Via CashAdvance.

BadCreditLoans - Best Payday Loans with High Appproval Rate


BadCreditLoans is the one to provide you with the greatest options to choose from even if you are bad credit or no credit applicants when it comes to getting payday loans with no credit check within a short repayment period.

This company works with a massive network of lenders, so there’s a high chance you will find the offer you are satisfied with. You will get offers based on your specific situations from different lenders and then receive your quick funds after signing the deal.


  • Get a payday loan with no credit check with an almost instant approval rate.
  • Apply for a payday loan online with no fees at any time. 


  • Requesting the loan via BadCreditLoans comes with a much higher APR.

Explore The No-Credit-Check Payday Loan Options Via BadCreditLoans Immediately.

Check Into Cash - Best Payday Loans for Same-Day Funding


Check Into Cash is one of the largest companies in the USA that offers no credit check payday, with over 1,000 branches dispersed across 30 states. Check Into Cash stores provide many different services that aren’t only restricted to loans but are all financially related such as paying bills, debit cards, and money transfers amongst others.

Borrowers with bad credit scores make up most of the company’s users and generally the exact amount you can borrow varies according to many factors, such as the state you live in, your credit score, and your ability to repay the loan.


  • Borrowers can apply both online and in-store. 
  • Fast Approval is possible and the funds will be given to you on the same day. 
  • No application fee. 


  • Its services are not available in some states. 
  • There will be a late fee of 5% of the loan amount when you do not repay the loan for more than 15 days.

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Will I Be Guaranteed a Payday Loan with No Credit Check?

Although most payday loans with or without credit checks are advertised as “guaranteed”, we need to break it to you that no one can truly guarantee that you get the loan with no credit check.

Getting approval is always subjective to the borrower’s specific situation and depends on their income, the loan amount they are asking for, and the terms they are looking for. So do not be misled by advertisements that promise you a “guaranteed” payday loan.

How Can I Get Payday Loans Online with No Credit Check?

You should first decide the amount you need to borrow with the payday loans. So make sure to first double-check your expenses and income to apply in confidence, knowing that you can afford to pay the loan you’re applying for. Then start with the application process by filling out your information.

You’ll receive different offers sent by the direct lenders in a matter of minutes, so thoroughly read their terms and choose to proceed with one of them. After signing the agreement, the funds will be instantly transferred into your account.

Is It Safe to Take out Payday Loans Online with No Credit Check?

Getting a payday loan is usually safe, but when you are providing your personal information online, you will feel better at ease by going through a few steps to confirm that you are not dealing with any scammers.

First, you need to check that the lender is an American financial institution and not a foreign one because lenders in the US should abide by the laws of the state. Second, double-check that the lender’s website is secure and encrypted by ensuring that the URL starts with HTTPS and that there is a green padlock next to it.

Finally, always take the time to read the website’s Privacy Terms as all companies are obliged by the law to disclose if they would share any private information on their website.


Deciding to deal with a brokerage company can be a little overwhelming as there are many options out there. So we did the heavy lifting for you and gathered all of the information you need about America’s top 10 companies that can provide you with a payday loan online with no credit check.

And now you can check out with ease what each of the companies provides, compare their terms and conditions, and see what they can offer you to make your final decision.