Ageless Attitude 2017: Walker Hearing Solutions

John Walker has been helping people in West Palm Beach for over 30 years.

His first 20 years were spent in the retail sector, the last 11 years in a clinical setting with Palm Beach ENT Associates working under Dr. John Murray.

Recently, Walker opened his own practice, specializing in a rehabilitative approach to dispensing hearing aids.

He provides thorough support throughout the acclimation process and ongoing care for the life of the patient’s hearing aids.

He provides a gold standard level of programming using Real Ear Measurement to optimize the performance of my patient’s hearing aids throughout the life of their fitting.

At Walker Hearing Solutions you’ll get a full service program at competitive prices that will support anyone from the beginner who needs special care and follow up to the more seasoned experienced hearing aid wearers who demand the best performance from their hearing aids!

Phone: (561) 429-6384