Ageless Attitude 2017: Granny Nannies

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and care as they age and their health begins to falter.  Granny Nannies is committed to providing individuals and families personalized, patient-centered in-home care that treats you like a real person – as a mother or father, son or daughter. Our commitment is to give the elderly, those with special needs, and their families more choice and control over their healthcare decisions while maintaining their independence and peace of mind.What drives the needs for our services?

  • Need for respite. Give a break to primary caregiver (spouse, other family members)

Millions of Americans are providing part-time or full-time care for a family member who is suffering from an illness or long-term condition. Those people need help to continue working, caring for other family members, and simply, taking time for themselves.  We provide an affordable, reliable option that allows those family members to create a customized, personalized health plan for their loved ones instead of the standard one-size-fits-all model you see in hospitals and nursing homes.

  • Cannot leave their loved one alone
  • Alzheimer's – over 5 million Americans with Alzheimer's in 2016
  • Parkinson's – approx. 1 million in U.S., 60,000 new cases each year
  • Hospital discharges and recuperation
  • Desire to maintain independence
  • Avoid going to ALF or nursing care

So many conditions require frequent or round the clock care, but aren’t immediately dire enough to warrant full-time hospital or nursing home services. We specialize in treating patients with Alzheimer'’s, Parkinson's, and disabilities that limit movement, so that they can receive treatment in the comfort and security of their own homes. 

Every person deserves to maintain as much independence as they can later in life.  We empower our patients to continue living life as they always have – cooking their favorite meals, shopping at their local stores, and being around friends, neighbors and pets  – with the assistance and care of a highly trained, “nanny” that your family knows and trusts.

How do we differentiate

  • Personalized service – Administrator and staff get involved and know the families
  • Regular quality checks – follow ups, communication is key
  • Flexibility of services according to clients’ needs
  • Keep out-of-town family apprised
  • Deliver peace of mind!

Granny Nannies’ commitment to personalized in-home care comes from my family’s personal experience watching my father suffer from Alzheimer’s.  We truly understand and relate to what families are going through.  That’s why, on day one, we sit down with family members to get to know the person behind the patient, so we can offer care that’s individualized, personalized, and flexible. You know your loved ones better than anyone else, and we want to use your love and experience to provide the best care we can.

Communication between caregivers and family members is the most important and valuable aspect of our service.  We keep you updated on the exact care they’re receiving, condition they’re in, and any other important information you need to know.  Family members can live anywhere in the country, but we’ll keep you up-to-date and in touch day to day, so that you can have the peace of mind and security of knowing your loved one is feels safe, secure, and happy at home.

       - Client and family are in charge

  • Select caregivers
  • Make the schedules
  • Listen to the clients and their families!

      - Priced for affordability

  • Services are available as few as 12 hours/week to around the clock
  • Less expensive to stay at home than nursing home or most ALF options

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