Top 5 things women want: Keep your relationship spiced up with these 5 tips

Keep your relationship spiced up with these 5 tips

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Keeping the flame lit year round in a relationship is tough for any couple.

The job, the kids and everyday stress can easily take someone out of the mood.

Anne Rodgers and local sex therapist Dr. Maureen Whelihan wrote the book Kiss and Tell after interviewing 1,300 local women of all ages.

Rodgers said, "Intimacy is such a crucial part of any relationship. It keeps us close year-round."

Here are the top 5 tips identified by Rodgers:

Get away, even if it's just for one night
  You don't need to save up for an extravagant vacation.

"Familiarity breeds contempt. That old saying is true. The routine of life is very boring and you have to fight to overcome that, and a good way to do that is to runaway, go away for a night," said Rodgers.

When you do, make sure you unplug everything like cell phones so you can plug into to your partner

Clean up before she comes home
Rodgers said, "A lot of women said to me that it's very distracting to them when they look around the house and see how messy it is. It keeps them from being able to focus on their desire to do anything else."

Put in time and don't rush things
Think of it this way, men are for the most part always ready go because testosterone is one their side.

Rodgers said women may need a little stimuli to get started.

Light some candles, give a foot rub, make dinner, give her little compliments.

"All of those things help a woman reconnect with her body and get her out of that everyday craziness that pulls us away from our bodies," said Rodgers.

This was the number one thing the women interviewed in Kiss and Tell said stimulated them the most. 

Rodgers says 2 minutes of real soul kissing everyday is going to build intimacy in a relationship.

Couples will also find the percentage of love making will go up, said Rodgers.

Guys, according to the women surveyed, men aren't all that concerned if a woman is in tip-top shape.

We're just happy that we've rounded home base, said Rodgers.

On the other hand, women surveyed said a physically fit man is much more of a turn on.

Rodgers advises men to put a little time in at the gym and it could pay off.

Guys aren't the only ones who need advice.

Rodgers said women say they have a hard time keeping things spiced up as well, "A lot of the women I spoke with talked about how difficult it was in their everyday lives to figure out how to stay close to their husband."

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