'Blue Monday': Does the most depressing day of the year exist?

You've heard of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday - but what about Blue Monday?

Some researchers have looked at Mondays in January for the day that can be named the most miserable day of the year.  They have analyzed behaviors and environmental stressors like gloomier weather, debt, relationship discord, guilt over abandonment of resolutions and the date when many return to work after time off. 

Where did Blue Monday originate? 

While some articles report that it is the first Monday back to work following the holidays, others claim it is the third Monday in January or during the last full week of the month. 

Are you feeling blue? 

The United Kingdom's "The Independent" reports that researchers for the drink "Upbeat" looked at 2 million tweets over three years.  The research found that the first Monday back to work after New Year's Day coincided with the population's most negative tweets.   "The Independent" reports that divorce proceedings are higher than any other day of the year. 

In the publication Science Daily, a Loyola University Medical Center psychiatrist says the brutally cold winter will make 2014's Blue Monday more difficult. 

Many, however, discredit the idea that one day of the year could be the most depressing for many people. 

Mental health specialists say spirits can be lifted any day of the year as you face stress or depression.  Getting out in the daylight or opening the drapes, even when it is cloudy or dreary, can boost the mood as the daylight serves as a natural anti-depressant. 

Getting exercise and eating well, while seeking out social support can also be beneficial.  Also, never be afraid to seek professional help if you need it.

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