WATCH: Woman surprises stepdad with restored Porsche

It took two years for a woman in California to perfect the gift she wanted to give to her stepfather.

According to a YouTube video uploaded by Kristin Russell on July 8, her stepdad Dave had a Porsche 914 and had been saving his money up to restore it. Instead, he spent his money on his wedding to Russell's mother.

"The car was left at a garage, and eventually gutted for parts," Russell wrote in text that appeared in the video.

It took her two years to find an exact replica of the Porsche her stepdad gave up to marry her mom, but she found one in Arizona. She had the car shipped to Philadelphia and gave it to him as a Father's Day gift.

Dave helped raise Russell, and in the video, she said she just wanted to return the favor.

"I'm just happy I could do something nice for a guy who has always done absolutely anything he could for me," Russell wrote.

Check out Dave's reaction to the special gift:

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