Research on breast implants and breast cancer

Breast implants and early detection of cancer

Colleen Campbell shows us her latest mammogram.

She's also the breast cancer coordinator at Palms West Hospital. Colleen says her passion to choose a career in breast cancer awareness was inspired by her mother. She said, "I got into this in 1992 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer."
Colleen was never diagnosed with breast cancer herself, but chose to have breast implants for cosmetic reasons. But this week researchers in Canada said they found women with implants had a 26 percent increased risk of being diagnosed with cancer at a later stage compared to those without implants. The results were from a dozen studies released after 1993.

Colleen said, "I've done my research. There is nothing conclusive that states that having breast implants is going to cause breast cancer in the future."

Could having breast implants affect the earlier detection of breast cancer?

NewsChannel 5 spoke with Dr. James Goad. "One of which that said a possibility that women who have breast implants who are diagnosed with breast cancer are diagnosed at a later stage, so not that breast implants cause breast cancer."

Dr. Goad said,  "The authors of the study even say that caution is urged, that nobody should jump to conclusions. I think the most important thing is that it opens up the potential for more research in the future but also the dialog for breast cancer and breast awareness in general."

The doctor said the awareness is women scheduling their yearly mammograms and doing self exams.


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