New Delray mayor backs Atlantic parking meters

Delray's got plenty of nightlife, plenty of buzz, and a new mayor reigniting a debate.

"The garages need to be metered. Downtown needs to be metered. Just like our beach area is," said mayor Cary Glickstein.
Glickstein says the city brings in $1.2 million dollars a year from beachside parking meters.
Putting them downtown too, the city figures, could double that amount of money.
"I'm very surprised he's bringing this up," said Mark Denkler of Vince Canning Shoes.
Denkler was one of many merchants on the avenue to passionately argue in favor of free parking spots.
They helped convince commissioners last year to vote down pay parking meters west of the Intracoastal. 
Ending free parking, they insist, destroys business.
"We would probably not have as many salespeople. People will go to other places. You already have the Internet as competition," said Denkler. "People will lose jobs."
Joan and Frank Borajine couple visits Delray Beach twice a year and has only found it harder each time to find a spot.
"Love Delray, love the restaurants. But this time, we noticed a bigger problem than ever before," said Joan Borajine.
Mayor Glickstein is unmoved.
He says Delray Beach is too big an attraction to be slowed by pay meters.
"Most people will object initially," said Glickstein. "But like the beach, it's not going to keep people from parking downtown."
There are five city commissioners and two are still on the board who voted it down last time.
This will be discussed at a June meeting.