Was a Boca Raton contractor beaten by a city employee for moving a lunch container?

Alleged victim has skull fractures

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Boca Raton's new library has an acre of landscaping to be cared for.

Raul Reynoso is part of that effort, paid a daily wage by Fort Lauderdale temp agency, Pacesetter Personnel Services, contracted by the city of Boca Raton to provide workers.

"He works hard," said Cesar Ortiz, an assistant manager at Pacesetter. "They request him every day to the same place, so they definitely do like him."

It rained while Reynoso was working on Tuesday.

A police report says he took cover in a city vehicle and that he moved a lunch container out of the way belonging to $25,000-a-year city groundskeeper, Donell Allison.

Allison allegedly went berserk.

The police report says Allison slammed the car door into Reynoso's leg, then picked him up into a bear hug, and slammed him down head first into the pavement.

"It sounds absurd," said Ortiz. "I really don't know what goes through people's minds."

Police say they found Reynoso unconscious with fractures in his skull and orbital bone. 

Allison, a five-year city employee, faces an aggravated battery charge.

He has faced three other battery charges, most recently in 2008. It all saddens Reynoso's employer.

"Definitely going to miss seeing him. Definitely a fun, happy person," said Ortiz.

Reynoso is listed in fair condition at Delray Medical Center.

He is conscious, but his family said that they thought that Allison is a monster for what happened.

Allison did not make a statement to police. He has been placed on unpaid administrative leave by the city of Boca Raton.