Boca Raton and Stuart air towers likely saved

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - The president is expected to sign legislation that will keep FAA workers from being furloughed and keep local airport control towers open.

Shawn Stevens is an air traffic controller in Boca.
Of course, he can't sleep on the job.
But when he hits the pillow this weekend, he'll be sleeping easier.
"You don't want to come to work not knowing if there will be another day to come to work," said Stevens.
That's how he spent the last few months, not knowing if sequester budget cuts would lead him to the unemployment line.
Months ago, the FAA said they had to close airport towers at 149 different airports, including Boca and Stuart's Witham Field.
But after outcries over safety, Congress voted today to give the FAA permission to use $25 million to pay for air traffic control jobs.
"I feel like now, you're winning that tug of war battle," said Stevens.
Though we have seen congress struggle to reach agreement on a number of other budget issues, Rep. Ted Deutch is convinced that because this one was a safety issue, it essentially forced compromise.
"What happened today is something good coming out of Washington," said Deutch.
Lawmakers only gave permission to the FAA to make the move, not an order.
But because its Washington, Stevens says he can't feel truly secure until it's a done deal.
"I've never seen anyone spend more money on things that don't benefit safety, and take away money from things that do," said Stevens. "Safety is the number one thing. If you can't keep your people safe, you're going to end up spending more money."
Deutch is close-to-certain that by early next week, the FAA will officially notify everyone that the airport towers have been saved.