Anthony Fonseca: After arrest, tips for parents of child models

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Carolyn North's kids have big smiles.

"Wherever I'd go people would say they're so cute, they should be models, and so I thought why not?" said North.
The Boca mom signed them up to work with a South Florida agent.
Elizabeth, 8, and Alex, 4, have modeled clothes in catalogs and newspapers.
"It's like, wow, me out of thousands of others cute kids," said Elizabeth North.
But before she signed em up, North checked references, made sure her agent had clients that had actually been in ads, and had her own rules for how shoots would go.
"If they say, oh, we'd like to take them into the other room and take some pictures... No. I wouldn't leave my children with a stranger."
In light of the child porn arrest of Anthony Fonseca, a preteen modeling agent, West Palm Beach Police sent us these tips:
-Check state and federal sex offender databases
-Check the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
-Check an agent's references - and not just ones they give you.
-Check to see if any complaints have been filed with SunBiz
-Nothing you do is too much.
North says her biggest tip is to know who's taking your child's picture before you think of how famous your child could be.
"People want that so much that they're willing to suspend disbelief and not trust their gut and maybe put their kids in dangerous situations."
Fonseca has been released on bond.
He faces thirty charges of possession of child porn.
And parents of children who have come in contact with him should call FDLE.