When you should you move out of mom and dad's house?

OMAHA, Neb. - How old is too old to be living with your parents?

Most who answered in a survey from TD Ameritrade say they hope to be living on their own by age 21. 

If things get financially tough, 63% say they feel welcome to move back in with mom and dad. 

So, when does living at home become embarrassing? 

The average age is 28. 

Living at home at age 30 would become embarrassing for 88% of respondents.

The survey reveals many who hesitate to fly the coop are concerned about tuition costs and student loan debt. 

In the "Generation Z" survey, which spoke to people in their teens and early twenties, 46% responded that a large student loan balance after graduation would be a concern. 

However, 64% believe that college is worth the cost as it helps to secure employment.

So, what can parents do to push their young out of the nest? 

The survey suggests those children who have had or currently have a job are less likely to move back in with their parents after college.

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