SNL 'YOLO' short with Adam Levine, The Lonely Island, redefines phrase as 'You Oughta Look Out'

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Maroon 5 singer.

Levine didn't get much of a chance to spotlight his singing skills, as the show had another music guest, rapper Kendrick Lamar.

But he did have a chance to croon in a digital short, the return of comedy troupe The Lonely Island (featuring former SNL veteran Andy Samberg.)

The clip redefines "YOLO" (a.k.a. "You Only Live Once"), turning the popular "battle cry of a generation" on its head by warning young people to be careful.

The song warns, "you oughta look out, also stands for YOLO." (Mobile users watch the video here:

The digital short pleased fans on Twitter:





















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