Rachel Ray Show sued: Christina Pagliarolo suing after being in overweight teen episode, TMZ reports

'The Rachel Ray Show' is under fire by a teen who agreed to be part of a segment on overweight teens.

Christina Pagliarolo -- who weighed in at 260 pounds -- is suing the show and claims she suffered serious injuries due to "negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress," TMZ and examiner.com report.

In her lawsuit, TMZ reports Pagliarolo claims she was put through a brutal workout that ended with "humiliation and anxiety" after she was yelled and screamed at.

'The Rachael Ray Show' is hosted by Rachael Ray and is a how-to series that began in 2006. Besides featuring Rachael Ray's culinary skills, the show sometimes includes specials like Pagliarolo participated in.

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