Lindsay Lohan trial set for next month, lawyer Shawn Holley enters 'not guilty' plea

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Lindsay Lohan's lawyer -- at least for the moment -- entered a "not guilty" plea Tuesday on behalf of the actress, who is facing charges of giving false information to a police officer who was investigating her car crash.

The charges triggered a probation violation hearing that will be heard next month in a Los Angeles County court.

Lohan, who was not present for Tuesday's arraignment, must be in court for the next hearing on January 30, which is to handle issues leading up to a trial, Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Jane Godfrey said.

A trial is set for February 27. The actress could be sent to jail for up to 245 days if she is found in violation of her probation for a shoplifting charge.

Lawyer Shawn Holley entered the plea on Lohan's behalf after the judge denied her request for a delay in the case.

The judge asked Holley, who has guided Lohan through dozens of court appearances over the past several years, if she would remain Lohan's lawyer. Media reports have said Holley received a letter from a New York lawyer informing her that Lohan was firing her.

"Do you still represent Ms. Lohan?" Godfrey asked.

"Yes, at this point, yes," Holley said.

"We've got to the get representation issue nailed down," Godfrey said.

"The representation issue will be nailed down," Holley replied.

Lohan was put on probation after she was convicted in 2011 on charges related to the theft of a necklace.

But then last summer, she crashed her car in Santa Monica. Authorities said she was not only driving recklessly, but she also gave false information to a police officer and then resisted a police officer.

So the Santa Monica city attorney slapped four misdemeanor charges against her.

That prompted a Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner to revoke Lohan's probation last month and order her to appear in court Tuesday.

The case is just one in a long list of legal trouble for the actress, whose struggle with drugs and alcohol has seen her bounce in and out of court 19 times and to five rehabilitation facilities since 2007.

In November, she was charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching a woman at a Manhattan nightclub.

In the Santa Monica case, Lohan is accused of telling police her assistant was driving the Porsche, while witnesses told investigators they saw Lohan behind the wheel.

The crash took place while Lohan was on her way to the set for the filming of "Liz and Dick."

Lohan's performance in the TV movie was universally panned. Critics called it a different kind of wreck.

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