Katie Holmes is 'open' to a lot of things

(CNN) -- After divorcing Tom Cruise and settling into life as a single mom, Katie Holmes is keeping all of her options open.

So when Allure magazine brought up her now-defunct Broadway show, "Dead Accounts," Holmes explained, "I was open to -- well, to whoever wanted me. But it was always my goal to make it back to the stage."

And as far as giving daughter Suri a sibling one day? "I don't know," she responded. "I'm open to it."

It would seem that the fashion designer/actress/and mom of one isn't even shutting down the idea of law school. There have been rumors that the actress was looking to acquire a law degree, which Holmes didn't wholly dismiss.

"Well, my brother and father are attorneys," she told the magazine, "and -- we'll see. I like the practical thinking of attorneys."

If there's anything Holmes is willing to take a stand against at this point in her life and career, it's being "mean."

"You may be pretty, and you may be talented," she said of the best beauty advice she received from her mom, "but nobody will remember that if you're mean."

Allure magazine's full interview with Katie Holmes arrives on newsstands March 26.