Harrison Ford to play Han Solo again? Ford hints 'It's a work in progress... maybe'

Actor Harrison Ford was on the TODAY show on Saturday promoting his latest film "Ender's Game".

Host Erica Hill addressed the rumor about Ford reprising his role of Han Solo at the end of the interview.

"Before we let you go, I know you said you would love to reprise Indiana Jones, there's a lot of speculation about Han Solo," Hill asked.

Ford simply responded with a "hmmm."

"Would you care to entertain any of that speculation," Hill continued to prod.

Ford then answered, "You know I'm not in a position to say much about it at this point."

Hill said, "Ok, so we'll read into that whatever we want to read into it, how is that?"

Ford gave a big smile and hinted "It's a work in progress... maybe."

Mobile users watch video here: http://on.today.com/1cwsw5n


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