GTA Online launches: Online gameplay for Grand Theft Auto V available starting today

Grand Theft Auto V is already a monster hit, selling over 15 million units since its release only 2 weeks ago.

The game shattered records, earning $1 billion within the first three days of its release.

Starting today, October 1, Rockstar Games expands Grand Theft Auto V with the launch of the online component of the game, GTA Online.

The online environment allows players to connect and play with 15 other users in activities such as: open-world crime and chaos, jobs, races, sports, customization, reputation and cash flow and more.

Rockstar Games plans to unveil the "content creator" aspect of the GTAV Online sometime soon, where players will be able to tailor and publish their own deathmatches and races.

New additions on GTA Online in the works also include "The Beach Bum Pack" which features new beach vehicles, hundreds of new items and a couple of new weapons, "Capture The Flag", GTA Online's CTF mode allowing players to create their own environment using the Content Creator, and "Heists", focusing on full-on cooperative Heist missions that require advance planning and teamwork to pull off.

GTA Online, as well as all of the future updates and additions, are free updates for those who have purchased the game.

It is estimated that literally millions of players will access GTA Online within the first 24 hours of launch, so hopefully the servers at Rockstar Games won't melt down.

Users can expect a small downloadable update when launching the game today. After that installs, you can access GTA Online through the 4th (bottom) slot in your GTAV character wheel.

Read more about GTA Online in their official blog post: and here: and get updates from @rockstargames on Twitter:

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