'Arrested Development' on Netflix: Show returns 7 years after leaving television, 15 new episodes

(NBC News) It was never a ratings hit, but the Emmy winning sitcom "Arrested Development" definitely had a loyal core following during its three-year run on TV.

Now, seven years after it left the air an all new edition of the show is returning this weekend, but not to traditional television.

The Bluth family returns in the wee hours of Sunday morning via Netflix.

Netflix will simultaneously release 15 brand new episodes of the sitcom for online streaming.

The show's core following and newcomers who discovered the 53 original episodes later on DVD were enough to convince Netflix to bankroll a new batch of episodes with the original cast.

It's an original programming push that started with the political drama, "House of Cards".

"Netflix sort of broke the mold earlier this year with this 'House of Cards' idea by putting them all on at the same time and you could watch them all six at a time, eight at a time, and frankly, people have been doing that," explains New York Times media reporter Bill Carter.

Netflix is hoping "Arrested Development" not only satisfies its 36 million current subscribers, but also brings in new ones.