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Psychic Reading Online - Best Psychics for Live Chat & Phone Readings

The future is uncertain, but with help from an online psychic that can give the best psychic readings online, you can realize your potential by getting a glimpse of your destiny.
Posted at 4:46 PM, Oct 04, 2022
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The future is uncertain, but with help from an online psychic that can give the best psychic readings online, you can realize your potential by getting a glimpse of your destiny. Using a wide range of tools such as tarot cards, angel cards, runes, stones and even a traditional crystal ball, they can let you know what your fate has in store for you. Some best online psychics even contact angels and spirits and let you know what you may be missing out on in your life.

If you are skeptical, you are not the first one who has denied a psychic’s powers or disregarded the best online psychics as scam artists. There are several out there who claim to divine the future, but are after nothing more than your hard earned money. These fraudulent individuals are highly skilled so you may not even know you are being duped.

What’s great about the psychic websites we will review is that all each psychic reader that is on there is vetted by skilled psychics. They are only allowed onto the platforms if they pass a reading test and interview. Plus, you can also narrow down your choice further by going through their reviews, the good and the bad. These will tell you what you need to know about the type of psychic readings a psychic reader offers, how they give those readings, and the communication method they prefer (chat, call or video).

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: Our 4 Top Picks

1. Psychic SourceExperts for Love & Relationships Readings (3 Free Minutes + 75% Off)

2. KasambaBest Psychics For Dealing with Uncertainty in Life ( 3 Free Minutes + 70% Discount)

3. California Psychics - Ideal for Tarot Card Readings and Spirituality (5 Redeemable Minutes via "ADD5" Promo Code)

4. Purple GardenBest for Newbie Psychic Users who want to try out psychic readings ($10 free credit with any purchase)

Here is a detailed look at the top four psychic websites we will review and what you can expect from each:

1. Psychic Source - Top-Ranked Psychics Platform For Love  Readings


Considered to be one of the most established online psychic sources you can sign up to for online psychic readings, Psychic Source offers a wide range of psychic reading services you can use via online psychics. The service has been around for years and some psychics have been working with the service for decades. The site offers free horoscopes, guides, podcasts and other content that can inform new users and ensure they know what they are signing up for.

All of the free resources for online psychic readings are not psychic-based. The online psychics resources also offer guidance for meditation and practical support for life challenges you may face. This includes self-limiting beliefs, embracing age, dealing with grief and other complex issues your psychic can help you deal with. The resources are usually what compel new users to sign up to the site.

What We Liked

Besides the free resources, here are some more things that stood out to us during our evaluation of the online psychic service for online psychic readings:

Psychics are independent contractors

While Psychic Source can be used to find a number of skilled online psychics, all of them are independent contractors. They get paid by the site, but they don’t have to come into an office. The best psychics work remotely. The company manages customers, marketing and other technology so the best psychics can focus on giving you the best reading.

All psychics are screened

The people behind Psychic Source evaluate potential best psychics before they are allowed to give readings through the website. Each candidate is tested on their skills and if they can adhere to a strict code of conduct and ethics if they are allowed to use the platform to make a living as cheap psychics. They are also tested on their ability to compassionately interact with users.

Complete reader information is available

All of the approved cheap psychics on the website have detailed profiles which include the type of readings they give, the tools they use and what you can expect from their sessions. Some also mention quotable quotes that will tell you what you can expect from them as phone psychics. You can also check out their overall rating so you can make a smart decision regarding your sessions. Some profiles also mention personality traits so users can determine if they can gel with a psychic beforehand via chat psychic readings. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a reading from a psychic who annoys you or puts you to sleep.

Get readings for a range of issues

Psychics can give you peace of mind with chat psychic readings that cover a range of issues. These include love problems, career issues, relationship problems including LGBTQ, grief, loss and more. These categories are broken down further during a reading. For instance, a psychic can determine if your current state of mind or tendencies are the result of past trauma which in turn, is blocking your chakra from a psychic reading online.

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2. Kasamba – Get Answers to Tough and Complex Questions Regarding Your Future from Expert Psychics


Kasamba is a bit different than other psychic sites that give psychic reading or a psychic reading online. It acts as a bridge between those looking for authentic best online psychics and independent psychics looking for clients. The online psychic network can be seen as a social media site that brings the two together for a psychic reading. All of the psychics are vetted by the company before they are allowed to take on clients. This includes mediums, spiritual advisors and other supernatural professionals who are available on Kasamba.

What is great about this online psychic service is that everything is kept as transparent as possible for a psychic reading online. You can see past reviews of advisors easily to determine if they are proficient enough to give a reading. So whether you are looking for the best psychics to give you love advice, career forecasts or just want to know if marriage is on the cards for you, you can find a good psychic on Kasamba.

Once you are ready to contact best psychics from the site, make an account. It’s quite easy to do so. Once that is done, click on the psychic’s profile and you will be taken to a page that details their reading style and the tools they use to conduct each one. The profile will also list their experience and qualifications so you can make an informed decision for free psychic readings.

What We Liked

Some of the things that stood out to us on Kasamba for free psychic readings include the following:

Accurate psychic readings

Cheap psychic readings that are full of fluff will be quite useless to anyone getting one. But how do you know if the one you are getting is legit or not? By the way you feel during a session for spiritual readings. If you think the psychic is just talking for the sake of talking, you should switch to another one on the website for tarot readings. On the other hand, if the tarot readings give you pause or food for thought, you should stick with the psychic.

Kasamba has been in business for more than two decades and has dealt with millions of clients and psychics during this time. Naturally, it tweaked its services and its selection process for fortune telling to be as efficient as possible. In other words, chances of you getting accurate astrology readings from an authentic psychic on Kasamba are higher than you realize.

Great discounts and deals

Kasamba’s main claim to fame is its amazing deals and discounts for best psychics online which attract new clients every year in droves. In fact, it hardly needs advertizing – most of its clients get wind of the site via word of mouth. The deals are great for people who cannot afford to get a reading every day from best psychics online or who are on a budget. If you are lucky, you can get 50% off on readings and also avail freebies during festive months such as December. Read on to get a fantastic discount!

Highly convenient

The biggest draw of Kasamba is its convenience for psychic phone readings and other mediums. The site is extremely easy to use so you won’t get frustrated when you are trying to create an account or looking for a specific psychic for psychic readings. Users can use several communication mediums to get in touch with their chosen psychic for psychic readings and the profiles will mention which one the psychic prefers to use.

This includes phone calls and emails for people who are shy or who don’t want to show their faces to psychics during psychic readings. If you want an immersive experience, opt for a live chat. You can speak to your chosen psychic face to face regarding your issues and whenever you want to. If they aren’t available for a psychic reading, they will notify you when they can give a reading so you can schedule accordingly. Since the readings are online, you can get them on the go whenever you are available from a psychic reader.

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3. California Psychics – Manifest the Best Future for Yourself With Trained And Experienced Psychics


California Psychics has been around for decades and it is known for offering some of the best psychic reading services to its clients via trained and experienced psychics. The service ensures that all of their clients are privy to only the best readings via reliable and legit professionals in the industry. Choose wisely and you can receive invaluable advice for tough life questions you always wanted to ask but never had anyone trustworthy to ask them from via a psychic reading.

The psychics on the site can give detailed psychic readings using a wide range of tools and each can cover your past, present and your future as well. The psychic reading can also tell you what your motives should be in life and what you should do to achieve personal and professional goals.

What We Liked

Here are some of the positive things that jumped out at us while we were review Psychic Source:

Three pricing categories

To make sure that members can get detailed astrological readings from each psychic they hire, the service offers psychics that are proficient in several reading devices. These include tea leaves, tarot cards and crystal balls to name a few for love readings. Of course, prices vary depending on the number of tools they offer for a psychic reading online. The site offers three pricing categories that range from $1 to $4 per minute for a reading.

However, most of Premier psychics have higher rates so don’t be surprised when they ask for $8 or even $10 per minute for a reading. The lowest rate you can go for bar the intro offer, is $1 per minute. Many psychic reading sites are more expensive than this, but the good news is that you get your money’s worth for a psychic reading online.

Plus, users can pay via three methods – debit card, credit card (such as AMEX, Discover, Visa and MasterCard and PayPal) for a psychic reading online.

All psychics are screened

California Psychics is notoriously difficult to get into for aspiring psychics. The site is infamous for rejecting 98% of applicants who want to give psychic readings. The testing and interview process is grueling. Each candidate is tested not only on their psychic abilities, but also the manner in which they give readings. They are also tested on how they maintain ethical standards during sessions and how they handle difficult members during a psychic reading online.

Each new member is contacted by California Psychics after first psychic readings for feedback. The company wants to ensure each one has a positive experience so that they return for more and more expensive readings. If they don’t have a great experience, the company can issue refunds or offer discounts as compensation for bad psychic readings.

Detailed profiles

The profiles on the site are packed with detailed information regarding each psychic so members can make an informed decision. This includes their names, the type of psychic reading they specialize in, the tools they use, how they give readings and their price range. The info also includes their ratings; the number of people they have given a psychic reading to among other critical details.

Unlike other psychic sites, the ones that are available on California Psychics have limited categories so members can actually find what they are looking for. You can also see the number of members that are waiting for the psychic to call them back for online psychic readings and a calendar to schedule your next reading on.

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4. Purple Garden – Find Out What Lies Beyond The Veil With Compassionate Psychics


Purple garden is one of the best go-to platforms for people looking for answers from the great beyond or who want to find closure after the loss of a loved one via online psychic readings. Get spiritual guidance from compassionate psychics and insights for several life based issues via tarot cards, spiritual readings, numerology, the stars and more. The list is almost endless for a psychic online service.

The first thing you need to do is sign up to the website before you can get readings from a psychic online. The process is quite easy and requires a username, password and a valid email address. To avail the intro discount offer, you need to upload your credit card details as well to avail the services of a psychic online. The card will only be charged if you go over the discount limit.

Don’t worry. The minimum deposit to get a Purple garden membership is just $10 for spiritual readings and more. Once you have made an account, go ahead and choose a psychic to get a spiritual reading from. You will get additional $10 free credit as a bonus.

What We Liked

Here are some of the best things that jumped out at us regarding Purple garden and how it offers psychic services:

Wide range of reading types

Mystic has a respectable selection of psychics each who give a range of spiritual readings depending on their expertise and experience. What’s great about the site is that you can filter psychics as per their tools, reading style and their availability. Unlike other sites which has countless reading types of display, purple garden keeps it simple by offering a limited, but dense variety so members don’t have to search for too long to get psychic readings.

The psychics on purple garden don’t just offer psychic readings via chat and phone. Many also offer face to face readings via video conference calls. So if you prefer to see the person you are talking to, choose psychics who are comfortable with this option. Not all of them offer it.

Get advice on matters of the heart

There are more than 3000 psychics on the online psychic site that offer spiritual readings for the heartbroken. These include people who have just gotten divorced, broke up with their partner or are looking for love in all the wrong places. Almost all of the love readers on the site have a 4 star or above rating as per their client reviews and the quality of their readings.

Many of those psychics can also guide you if you are in a toxic relationship and are looking for a soul mate via psychic readings. In fact, you can also find advisors who can help you untangle complex family issues and help you overcome generational trauma so you can move forward with your life. While they cannot take the place of experienced grief counselors, their psychic reading and advice can go a long way in helping you find peace and closure.

Get the perfect psychic each time for a psychic reading

What is absolutely great about the site is that you can narrow down your choices based on categories and the type of reading you want. For example, you can find free psychics who have a compassionate psychic reading style for sensitive issues or a love advisor for that crush you have on your colleague.

The site also has a dedicated section for the LGBTQ community, something that very few psychic sites offer via a psychic reader. It is what sets purple garden apart from others.

Highly trustworthy

Purple garden has an extensive FAQ section, which only proves that it is not afraid to answer as many customer queries it can for a psychic reader. The platform also routinely checks up on the psychics already on the platform to ensure the quality of their readings doesn’t drop.

Each psychic reader is reviewed by a panel of experts before they are allowed to get clients from the site. The free psychics also have to demonstrate how they give readings so members don’t have anything to complain about.

Even if you don’t like a reading, you can always complaint to customer services for a full or partial refund. Plus, the site only deducts funds from your account for the minutes you use and only from the funds you upload, not the ones in your credit card. When your online wallet runs out of credit, you have to top it up with more funds via card to avail the services of a psychic reader. The site will NOT charge your card so you can rest easy knowing your money is safe.

Availability and pricing

All of the psychic reader that work for the service are paid per minute and their rates vary depending on their experience. The rate can be as low as $1 a minute to $4 per minute, but new members can avail $10 free credit on signup once they upload their credit card details. While the website doesn’t have an app you can use on your smartphone, you can still get pretty good readings on the go from psychic reader.

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Types of Psychic Readings You Can Get

An experienced and skilled psychic reader can offer a wide range of services to their clients because they are proficient in 4 skills. They are:


Clairaudient messages are those that resound in the mind but they are far from harsh in terms of psychic readings. The tone is always calm and even and not like the persistent sounds you may hear if you have PTSD or any other mental health disorder. These often offer just short messages like Yoda. It could also be just a number or a single word that can provide online psychics that give past life readings the info they need.

A clairaudient can perceive these messages during psychic readings and are usually straightforward with their answers. They may get a message that their client’s subconscious is blocked because of a traumatic event when they were teenagers for instance or that they want a career change.


Contrary to popular belief, clairvoyants and online psychics are not synonymous. Clairvoyance is one of the four ‘clairs’ online psychics use to divine a reading for a client.

These online psychics see images that help them deliver a reading. For example, if a client is overwhelmed and stressed out, they may see them drowning or carrying something heavy on their back. Similarly, if they see the ground beneath your feet shaking, that means you are experiencing dramatic life changes or feel unstable during the free psychic reading online.


Clairsentient messages come across ad feelings and it is the most common skill among online psychics and chat psychics on the four sites that we will review. A number of things fall under this umbrella, but the most important is the collective energy of a client.

Experienced psychics who are proficient in this ‘clair’ can sense their client’s energy even if they are talking to them on the phone and not face to face.


A claricognizant can hone in on their client's latent tendencies to give career forecasts, dream analysis, oracle card readings and more. They can tell if their clients are narcissists, or overly sensitive or have self-esteem issues. A psychic can use their skills to hone in on subconscious blocks and old, unhealed wounds that are holding them back or complex relations that are preventing them from becoming their best selves.

This ability is called claircognizance. A psychic who are able to harness it can instantly tell what their intuition is trying to tell them. Think of it as downloading a movie into your hard drive. When that happens in the human brain, it does so in seconds. Experienced claircognizants don’t have to wait. The information floods a live psychics mind in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top frequently asked questions that new users typically have in mind before they use any of psychic portal for a psychic reading or spiritual healing:

Q. How can I be sure that the psychic portal will not charge my card when I am availing the free minutes?

A. Reputable psychic portals such as the ones we reviewed, don’t want you to spend more than you want to on a psychic reading. Your card will only be charged if your first reading exceeds the 5 minute mark and you can always end it before that happens. You will also be aware of the rate per minute of each psychic from their profiles for psychic readings. In fact, in most cases you won’t even have to open their profiles to find out the rates.

If you run out of credits and want to extend your session, just top up your account with more funds using your preferred payment mode (such as PayPal, credit or debit card). You can return to your reading once your account is topped up and the site can charge you for it again. If you don’t have a credit card or payment method uploaded, the site will use your default option if you haven’t removed it.

Q. What type of psychic reading should I get?

A. That depends on your needs, the circumstances you are going through and your budget. You can find all manner of psychics on the portals we have reviewed and they do mention the types of psychic readings and psychic predictions they offer on their profiles. Some of them include:

  • Love readings
  • Career forecasts
  • Tarot card readings
  • Angel readings
  • Cartomancy
  • Numerology readings
  • Spiritual readings

Among others. You can also ask the psychic you are paying to determine the type of psychic reading you should go for based on your circumstances. They will be more than happy to help any way they can if they value your patronage.
Q. How do I choose a psychic advisor that is right for me?

A. The best way to do that is through a reading, but you can get an idea about the type of psychic readings a psychic reader gives by going through their profile. If you really want to give a psychic with a brief profile a try, get a 5-minute paid session. It will help you determine if the psychic medium is a match for you and you won’t get buyer’s regret.

Q. What can I expect from a psychic video reading?

A. It will be as if you are video chatting with a friend. The chat is completely confidential and isn’t recorded. The psychic on the other end will ensure you are comfortable during the session so you won’t have trouble making eye contact. Each advisor goes through a strict selection process so you know that the one you are having a session with is the real deal.

Final Words

A psychic reading from a psychic reader is only as good as the person receiving it. If you are not open minded about the process, you will not be satisfied with your sessions and will miss out. So book a psychic predictions reading with an open mind from a psychic medium. Better yet, draft a list of questions you want to ask the psychic before your session. That way, you can get the most of your money and have a better experience than you realize with a psychic reader. Check out the aforementioned psychic portals and see for yourself.