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Online Loans for Bad Credit: Top 10 Payday Loans with No Credit Check with Guaranteed Approval

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Posted at 4:12 PM, Oct 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-19 16:12:24-04

Lending regulations in the US have made it hard for borrowers with bad credit to get any financial help from conventional lenders. Most Americans living from paycheck to paycheck struggle to fill the financial gaps that arise between payment periods.

But here is some good news. Some online loan brokers specialize in helping you get payday loans with no hard credit checks. This post lists them out and goes into detail about how some of them operate.

Bottom line, no matter how bad your credit history may seem, you’ll find a lender who is willing to work around your situation and get the funds you need.

Here are our top 10 loan broker platforms that you can explore.

1. iPaydayLoans - Famous platform for payday loans with no hard credit checks

2. US Bad Credit Loans - Best for overall bad credit loans in the US

3. WeLoans - Connect with the most reliable bad credit loans lenders here

4. CocoLoan - Best for same-day bad credit loans with fast approval

5. EasyPaydayLoans - Quick and secure payday loans with guaranteed approval

6. UnityLoan - Quick access to small personal loans with bad credit

7. HonestLoans - Find a fast and straightforward payday loan application process here

8. UK Bad Credit Loans - Get connected with bad credit friendly lenders in the UK

9. Payday Loans UK - Best for bad credit loans with a quick approval process

10. GetPaydayLoan - Apply for payday loans with bad credit and high approval rates in the UK



With just your official ID and a checking account, iPaydayLoans can help you get financial aid fast, even if you have an unpleasant credit history. It’s a loan broker that works with a team of verified lenders to get you all kinds of small loans, from payday loans to installment loans.

So if you’re getting rejected by other loan lenders, iPaydayLoans might just be the platform you should be making your application through. Besides the fact that it’s an easy process that you can complete from any device, the lenders here respond quickly.

Within minutes of sending in your information, you'll get offers stating the amounts you qualify for, repayment terms, and interest rates.

Once you've picked an offer, and gotten approved, you can bid your financial crisis goodbye within the next business day. In 48 hours or less, your lender will deposit your funds directly into your bank account. In comparison to traditional lenders, this is as fast as it gets.


  • The application process is fast and only takes a few minutes
  • They offer payday loans for bad credit
  • Trustworthy lenders respond quickly


  • Payday loans may have high APR

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US Bad Credit Loans

US Bad Credit Loans.png

Looking for payday loans with no credit check but with guaranteed approval? US Bad Credit Loans lets you borrow payday loans of between $50 to $5,000 from its lenders.

It is a popular loan broker that specializes in connecting borrowers to lenders who offer bad credit loans.

Among its perks, there is a fact that you can get approved for a loan even with informal employment. However, if you’re unemployed, you’ll need to provide some proof that you receive regular income.

The lenders on the US Bad Credit Loans platform provide you with competitive interest rates and their response is near-instant. These lenders have been carefully vetted, and you can expect transparency in your dealings with them. There will be no extra charges or fees that you won’t already be aware of.

Last but not least, you can expect to receive your funds in one or two business days once your loan request is approved.


  • You’ll receive your funds faster than traditional ways
  • Loans are made for bad credit borrowers
  • You are allowed to have a co-applicant


  • Late payment fees may appear depending on the lenders

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WeLoans is another popular loan broker in the bad credit payday loans market. For one, its lenders have the least stringent qualification requirements. They only analyze your income to ensure your ability to repay your loan. This includes your spending history and how long you’ve been earning your current income.

As opposed to most loan lenders, WeLoans' lenders do not set a minimum income requirement or minimum FICO score.

Therefore, getting payday loan offers through WeLoans is easy. Not to mention that this whole screening process only takes minutes.

Also, since some lenders report payments to credit bureaus, you'll get the chance to increase your credit score if you make your payments on time. And if for any reason you're not able to repay a payday loan, there are other alternatives including title loans where you can use collateral to get funding.


  • Flexible payday loans amounts of between $50 to $5,000
  • Fast application process
  • The website is safe and secure


  • You may not get a loan if you do not have a credible source of income

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1. Do payday loans approve everyone?

While there are no guarantees that you’ll be approved for any loans, payday loans have very high approval rates, mostly above 80%. These rates are even higher for bad credit payday lenders. Improving your credit score and having a co-signer are among the actions you could take to ensure you get approved for a payday loan by any online lender.

2. Do payday loans require a credit check?

Payday loans do not require hard credit checks, and this is partly why they're easily accessible. However, for this reason, they charge very high-interest rates, mostly ranging between 350%-400% annually. Many borrowers get stuck in a spiral of debt with these loans when they can't repay them on time. So it's the kind of loan you borrow when it’s absolutely necessary.


Worried about your bad credit? Don't waste any more time applying for payday loans from conventional lenders, because chances are that you will not get approved. Instead, make these platforms your go-to any time you want quick cash before your next payday. They do not prioritize your credit score and their approval rates are almost guaranteed.