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Free Psychic Reading Online: Free Psychics Sites For Best Chat & Phone Readings

Posted at 8:40 AM, Sep 06, 2022
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Free Psychic Reading Online: Free Psychics Sites For Best Chat & Phone Readings

If you are interested in getting a legit psychic reading online, you may have a hard time selecting the right one for you. Although it is true that there are so many psychic reading websites online which improve your selection pool; however, what is daunting is the fact that some of them are scam sites that fleece people of their hard earned money.

Even some of the ones that are genuine don’t offer real value for your investment. This is why it is important to take your time to research the site you choose before committing your money and exposing sensitive information.

The best psychic sites help people in distress. They provide different types of reading services to help people uncover the issues in their love life, career, future part, and any other area of their life where they may be facing one challenge or the other.

In this article, we will review six of the best psychic reading websites whose services you can trust. Feel free to read our review of each of them, and we are sure you will find a very good one.

Best 6 Free Psychic Reading Websites

  • Mysticsense -  Best For Service Variety
  • Kasamba - Best For Relationship & Love
  • Purple garden - Best app
  • Keen - Best For Energy & Spiritual Readings
  • AskNow - Best for Business & Finance Matters
  • Oranum - Best Interactive Platform for Video Readings

1. Mysticsense -  Best For Service Variety


First in no particular order is Mysticsense. This platform is legendary for having almost any psychic expert you can think of. They offer users different types of readings, and their site has multiple categories to choose from. There are even pet mediums and fortune-tellers on Mysticsense.

If you prefer a platform to explore your dreams, sexuality, family, career, and friendships, Kasamba is a good place to start. You can filter your search to get a very good psychic to give you an accurate reading. As far as this psychic reading is concerned, Mysticsense is known to have some of the best fortune tellers in the industry, which best explains why they are highly rated.

Their psychics explore different ways to communicate with you with a fresh perspective.


  • Free 5 minutes of reading
  • Talented Tarot card readers
  • Updated articles
  • Active social media handles


  • No horoscope reading
  • No mobile app

Verdict: Mysticsense is a good platform you should try out if you are testing the waters and would like to know more about different psychic readings so you can identify the one that appeals the most to you. Searching for the right one is easy using the site navigation keys, and there are different contact methods you can explore.

2. Kasamba – Best Love Psychics


Kasamba is one of the most popular psychic reading sites on the internet today, and for a good reason. For more than 20 years, this platform has been meeting the needs of people looking for answers to life’s questions. No matter the challenge you face, you can find directions in Kasamba to help you weather the storms of life.

There are gifted psychics and mediums on this platform whose skills and experience you can leverage to make headway in your life. People looking for love or dealing with a situation in their relationships come to Kasamba for answers, and they have talented experts to help them navigate the murky waters of their relationships. There are Psychic advisors for all types of relationships.

Kasamba also has experts for aura and rune readings, crystal gazing, tarot cards, palmistry, and any other reading you can think of. What’s more?

You can navigate one page or service to the other by using the navigation keys. You can also conduct quick searches for the psychics on the platform. There is a free 3 minutes chat psychic reading for new users, and Kasamba will offer refunds of up to $50 if you are unhappy with the service you receive for your first reading.


  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free 3 minutes for new users
  • Very good for love and relationships
  • Experienced psychics


  • Slow email readings.

Verdict: Kasamba is a highly rated platform with more than 3 million users, and the number keeps growing. If you are dealing with heartbreak or looking for love, this is the one we recommend as they have empathetic psychics skilled in the art of emotional healing and revealing directions. The best site for free psychic love reading.

3. Purple garden – Best app


Purple Garden may not be the oldest platform on our list, but they have come a very long way indeed due to the exceptional value of their services. Within a very short time, they have amassed a loyal following on the internet due to the quality of their readings.

Their Tarot card service is the most popular of the lot, but they also offer dream analysis, astrology, oracle reading, and love psychic readings too. Their interactive tools and active filter are also very good for helping users find a psychic to connect with. Furthermore, all the psychics on their platform are legally certified with proven years of experience.

There are real time advisors that can help you identify a psychic best suited to handle your case, so you don’t have to make a choice based on guesswork or instincts alone. Even as a first time user, you get to enjoy free real time readings to give you a first hand evaluation of the quality of their services.

What’s even better is that Purple Garden helps you make the right choices by making you understand the kind of service you really need even before you begin your search. You may find the service complicated at first, but the algorithm will help you out.


  • Worthy and transparent
  • User friendly tools
  • Reading variety
  • Video Readings available
  • Advisor services


  • Limited articles
  • A little intimidating

Verdict: Purple Garden is a jack of all trades and master of most because they offer nothing but the best type of readings in diverse areas. The only downside to it is that new users may find it intimidating due to the hundreds of profiles on the platform. However, the trained advisors and navigation keys can help you make the best use of the resources. This platform is safe and user friendly.

4. Keen – Best For Energy & Spiritual Readings


Have you been feeling weak of late and lacking motivation? Head over to Keen to have your chakra revitalized so you can take on the challenge in front of you with renewed vigor. Keen has been in business for more than 20 years now and has become a trusted platform for all kinds of readings.

They offer a full range of services from Tarot to rune and palm readings. Astrology, psychic medium reading, and any other kind you can think of. They also help you identify psychics close to your location. Keen has thousands of experts on the platform, and they charge different rates for their services. So you will always find a reader for your budget, which means that you don’t have to pay over the top.

The only downside we have seen with Keen is that they don’t screen their psychics, which best explains why there are thousands of cheap psychics on the platform. But you can always identify very good ones by reading the feedback posted by previous customers in their profiles. So you can avoid psychics with no reviews, bad feedback, or a mix of bad and good reviews. Keen is easy to use, even for first timers. You can skim through their list of psychics until you find one you like.

Furthermore, they have an advisor section called Readings 101, where you can get first-hand advice on how to pick the right psychic. As a new user, you get a free 3 minute reading and then progress to a paid package.


  • Best for online Spirit readings
  • Cheap psychic reading
  • Large collection of psychics
  • Free minutes available


  • They don’t screen psychics
  • Limited cash refunds

Verdict: Keen can be trusted since they have remained in business for a very long time. Their desktop and app versions are easy to use, and you can get a psychic to take your reading within minutes. Although they don’t screen the psychics on their platform, but you can choose well using the resources available to you on the platform.

5. AskNow – Best for Business & Finance Matters


AskNow is one website with a strict screening process when it comes to approving the psychic experts they work with. With more than 15 years of experience, you get to work with only the best in the industry. While they have experts for different subjects and readings, AskNow is highly rated for financial, business and career matters. People who are about to embark on a new career or invest in a new venture come to AskNow to know if the venture will be successful. With this information, they make the right moves to get their desired outcome.

The fact that they screen and test their cheap phone psychics and online mediums is proof that you will most likely get an accurate psychic reading online if you work with them. It is safe, and your information will be protected even after exiting the site. There are introductory rates for first timers and those who just want to get a feel of the platform. On top of that, they offer free 5 minutes of reading as well.

The information and user experience are top notch, and their experts are skilled, attentive, and up to the task.


  • Affordable price for first timers
  • Free 5 minutes of reading
  • Highly screened experts
  • 1 free psychic question answered


  • They only offer a $5 satisfaction guarantee

Verdict: AskNow is home to serious and talented psychics who are masters of the trade. It is not about to hr number of psychics but the quality of their service; that is why they are screened thoroughly before they are admitted. With Asknow, you get your money’s worth and nothing less.

6. Oranum – Best Interactive Platform for Video Readings


Last but not least on our best psychic reading site review is Oranum. The managers of Oranum classify the platform as a spiritual community and not just a platform where psychics interact with answer seekers. This is why Oranum users have a sort of kindred spirit, which is evident when you engage with other users in their forums and online pages. There are different experts here, and they are offered the opportunity to share their messages with members of the community.

One thing that sets Oranum apart from competitors is the quality of the video readings. You enjoy captivating visuals and a soothing balance when interacting with a psychic in a video call. Another amazing thing about Oranum is that when you contact a psychic, you are seen by others who follow the psychic in question, and each psychic has a unique template to differentiate themselves. There is a rating system to grade their performance, and you help you figure out which one to follow. There is also a weekly contest to see which psychic advisor was most popular for that period. All these are meant to help you make informed selection choices.

Aside from their readings, you enjoy educational articles and free live psychic chat rooms where you can interact with other community members too. Access to these rooms will aid your confidence, and there is so much to learn. Free testing of a psychic before using their service makes Oranum one of the best reading sites today.


  • Advanced mobile app
  • Tutorials are available
  • Free Live Chats
  • Quality video readings


  • No screening tests for psychics
  • Confusing payment system

Types Of Psychic Readings You Will Find Online

The value of having access to different reading services is because different readings are best at unraveling different problems. Some people need a tarot card reading, while astrology may be right for others. So, therefore, the best online psychic reader sites offer several types of readings to expand customer options.

Here are some of the readings to expect from a reputable psychic reading website.

Tarot Card

Tarot cards have been around for centuries, and they became popular, particularly in Europe, before spreading to other parts of the world. Since medieval times, men have used tarots to uncover future events, and from all indications, it remains one of the most popular reading methods.

A tarot deck has a total of 78 cards, with each one having a picture. The tarot card reader uses it to determine hidden secrets and future events in a person’s life. Some of the world’s famous psychic readers were tarot card readers.

Crystal Ball

Another type of psychic reading is the use of crystal balls. A crystal ball is a legendary tool used by witches to uncover the future in a practice called “skrying.” To use a crystal ball, the spirit medium readings combines it with a bowl of water and a black mirror.

When they gaze into the depthless space, they can see different beings and creatures on the astral plains. Crystal ball gazers are also known to have deep seated knowledge and clairvoyance for clairvoyant readings.

Spiritual Psychic Medium Reading

A spirit medium is one with the gift of communicating with beings that the normal human eye cannot see. People who are able to do spiritual reading by communicating with spirits of the dead or spiritual archetypes are called mediums. The best psychic reading websites have experienced online psychic mediums. Online mediums are not very common, and they are regarded as the best psychic reader or spiritual reader.


Astrology is also an agelong practice. Besides being the study of our solar system and the effect it has on humans, it does more than that. Astrologers analyze the relationships between planets by measuring the distance and angles between them, and they use this information to predict future timing. Good psychic sites have offer astrology readings too.

Dream Analysis

Dreams are an integral part of the human experience, and sometimes, we receive information and deep revelation throughout dreams that we may not understand. This is where the services of a dream analyst come in handy. A dream analyst works with the human subconscious and can interpret your dreams and uncover their message.

Rune Reading

Rune Reading is based on the use of a set of 24 letters symbols of the ancient Norse alphabet called Elder Futhark. The images are carved on tiny wooden coins and serve as tools real psychics use in uncovering secrets about one’s life.


Numerology is the study of numbers and has a rich history steeped in the Ancient Hebrew Kabbalah. Numerologists match numbers to letters to reveal esoteric information in birth dates, words, names, and other vital details of a person.

The best psychic reading websites have experts in all the above fields and more. With access to experts in diverse fields, your chances of getting an accurate reading online increases.

Paid Psychic Reading vs. Free Psychic Reading Online

Which is better? Paid or free psychic reading? In terms of quality, nothing beats the value of a paid reading. This is because paid psychic reading is much better and more accurate than free psychic reading by phone or chat. Remember that true psychics earn a living from their craft, so experts who live off their skills are more likely to put in more effort. So if you want an accurate psychic reading that will give you the information you seek, you should be prepared to pay for it.

However, you can also get a free online psychic reading over the phone or chat from a reputable psychic reading site too. These sites offer new users free psychic readings online to give them a feel of their services or identify a good psychic on their platform. Free psychic reading online is time-based and last between 3-5 minutes. Once the time expires, the user will have to pay a subscription fee to get their readings.

So it is wise to avoid sites that claim to offer reading and don’t charge for their services. Most are scam sites that may be out to get your personal information, so be careful.

In-Person vs. Online Psychics

Another decision you will have to make is whether to use an in-person reading service or an online service. Both options are good, and all that matters is the talent of the psychic on the other end and which one you find convenient.

What most important is the connection you have with the psychic who is at the other end. Fortunately, you don’t have to see the psychic, though; once there is a connection between you two, the readings will be accurate.

However, if you don’t have a psychic near me or any in your city, or you feel uncomfortable sitting in front of me, you can opt for online psychic reading. The good news is that there are different types of online psychic readings you can pick from nowadays. There are

  • Live psychic readings
  • Chat psychic readings
  • Video psychic readings
  • Email psychic readings
  • Phone psychic readings

Moreover, doing an online psychic reading by chat or phone is more convenient, and you can pick from a long list of accurate psychics. However, if you prefer an in person reading, do well to look for a talented psychic you can trust.

How We Selected Our Best Psychic Reading Sites

We looked at different metrics and picked the ones that ticked all the right boxes. Here is how we ranked the top sites.

Screening Process

We first looked at the selection policy of the website to see if they screened thereputable psychics they worked with. We did this because we know that the best platforms hire the best psychics, and they are only able to do this because they have a screening process in place to wield out the bad eggs.

Moreover, good websites also allow users to screen psychics on their own before making a choice. Kasamba and Keen are two examples of such platforms. Users can offer feedback on a particular psychic, and the platform uses this information for grading.

Contact Method

We also looked at the contact method when making out choice. No matter how good a psychic website may be, if they have limited contact methods, then that means that they offer little value. A good site should have a chat, video, email, or text options, or at least most of them to broaden the customer’s options

This improves convenience and privacy options for those who don’t want to reveal their identity.

Types Of Readings

The sites we reviewed offer different service options such as tarot card reading, horoscope reading, astrology, mediumship, and load more. We used this metric for two reasons.

Firstly, we know that some users like to alternate the readings they use. Secondly, some readings are best for uncovering special cases. For instance, anyone who would want to have their dreams interpreted would do well to use the services of a dream interpreter. So having specialist choices is always a good idea.


Cheap psychic reading is rare to come by, so we wanted you to pay as little as possible for reading. So we selected sites that offer customers discounts and run regular promotions on their platform. By offering different prices, users can pick a plan they can afford and reduce rates by taking advantage of promotions. The best sites have free psychics and free mediums for online psychic readings.

Guide For Psychic Websites

Choosing a psychic website for your reading is not as easy as it should be. Unfortunately, the internet has been flooded with low quality platforms that offer users low value for their money. So to identify a good site, you need to be smart about it. Here are some things to consider when picking a site.

What Do You Need?

First, start by identifying the kind of psychic reading you need. Not all readings will be suitable for you, so start by making the distinction first. If you are looking for love and answers regarding your relationship, identify a site with experts skilled in that area. If you have a dream and would like an interpreter, you need a dream analyst for that. If you know what you need, finding a psychic to meet that need will not be a problem.

Read Reviews

Consider the reviews posted by users of the platform. What are the ratings they give to it? Platforms with 3.5 star ratings and under cannot be trusted. Besides the ratings, check what people say about their psychics in the comment section. The best sites attract positive reviews from users. If the comments you see at overly negative, that’s an indication that they offer poor quality, so don’t use such a platform.


The types of specialists they have also mattered. Remember that you will not always use the same type of reading, but occasions may call for variety. So you should only use one with different specialists like dream interpreters, astrologists, rune readers, tarot card readers, spirit mediums, and more. The more options you have, the better.

Pricing Model

What is their pricing model? Do they charge single or multiple rates? We recommend sites that have different rates because they expand your choices. Such sites have a model for your budget, so you can always pick an option you can afford.

Free Minutes

Sites that offer new users free minutes are the best of the lot. With the free minutes, you can test-run the platform so you know whether it will suit your needs or not. We advise readers only to use psychic sites that offer first timers at least 3 minutes of free online psychic reading. And not only that, the reading must be done by an experienced psychic reader, not any average Joe. The use of free minutes is essential in helping you vet the platform.

Contact Options

Do they offer one or two contact options? If yes, consider looking for another option. Serious sites know that a method that works for one customer will not work for the other, so they offer different options. The best sites have phone psychics, video, and free psychic chat readings. Email psychic readings are relatively new but gradually becoming popular as well. So when picking a site, make sure you only go for one that offers an option you want. But most common options are chat psychic reading and phone psychic reading.

Site Security

This factor is very important as you don’t want your personal details exposed by hackers. Revealing sensitive details about your life to a stranger on the other side is one thing; having it exposed to the rest of the world is another thing you don’t want. This is why good sites have strong security to protect user information. Moreover, they don’t sell such information to online marketing companies. Read the privacy information of any site before you use them, and if there are any gray areas you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask.


If they have advisors, you can use their help in identifying a suitable psychic for your reading. Advisors can help you identify the type of reading you need and need and recommend good ones on the platform. This will reduce the time you would have spent searching for them on your own.


Are Real Psychics Accurate?

It depends on the quality of the psychic taking the reading. If you use a reputable website, you will definitely find a very good psychic expert to give you an accurate reading.

How Do Online Psychics Take Readings?

They make a strong connection with you on an esoteric level. Once they do that, they can see hidden details about your life. However, psychics and mediums make connections differently depending on their skill set.

Which Is The Best Psychic Website For Video Readings?

Oranum is the best platform for video readings. Their videos are interactive, and you enjoy clear visual and audio sessions.

How Can Psychic Predictions Help Me?

It can help you uncover secret details about your life you never knew about. You can also use the information you get to make guided decisions about your future. Those dealing with the grief caused by the passing of a loved one can get closure by interacting with a psychic.

Is An Online Psychic Reading Better Than A Physical Reading?

No one is better than the other. What matters is the talent and experience of the psychic reader. If you don’t live close to a practicing psychic or want to remain anonymous, online reading is the better option.