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Free Psychic Reading Online by Phone or Chat From Top Free Psychics of 2022

Posted at 11:41 AM, Sep 30, 2022
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Free Psychic Reading Online by Phone or Chat From Top Free Psychics of 2022

Life is a rollercoaster. One day you are riding on the glees of blissful, fulfilled days; while on the other you are in the darkest pit hitting the lowest lows of your existence. And it is in those bleak moments, when you seek light – even the smallest ray – at the end of the tunnel to get you through the day. More often than not, this life saving grace can come from free psychic reading online sites.

Psychic readings not only extend hope for a better future, but a seasoned and authentic psychic reader can also offer clarity in times of uncertainty. Walking through the adversities of life can be hard especially when they’re related to people and things that matter most to you. But nobody ever said you have to walk the journey alone. Free psychic readings from the best psychic reader can offer much-needed guidance and insights to handle a range of life woes including relationship problems, love complications, career disruptions, spiritual imbalances and more.

But finding an authentic psychic reader is getting harder day by day thanks to several con artists and flashy scammers flooding the online world of free psychic reading. That’s why it is imperative to get psychic predictions from only the most trusted and best psychics.

To make sure you have the best possible experience in free psychic readings, we did the heavy lifting for you and reviewed the top 3 free psychic reading online sites in this post.

Here is a quick snapshot of what you can expect from the best free psychic reading online sites in addition to receiving honest psychic predictions.

Top 3 Free Online Psychic Reading Websites

1. Psychic Source - Overall Best Psychics Services (3 Free Trial Minutes + 75% Discount for New Sign-ups)

2. Kasamba - Best Free Psychic Readings for Financial & Career Forecasts (3 Free Trial Minutes + 70% Discount for New Sign-ups)

3. California Psychics - Best Experts for Guidance on Love & Relationships ($1 per minute low rate + $5 free minutes using promo code "ADD5")

Each psychic reading network reviewed by us holds a vast network of the best online psychics not only in the country but, in fact, they’re well-known all over globe. The credibility of their online psychic readings is supported by plethora of truly accurate testimonials by past sitters.

To learn more about the major features that, you can expect to receive from the best online psychics’, do read ahead. We’ll discuss the forms of psychic readings available on every platform (and what each is famous for) along with their notable features, pricing criteria, and more.

Best Psychic Readings Platforms: A Closer Look

This section closely examines the noteworthy features of the above listed free psychic reading online networks to make sure you have a clear idea of what to expect from the best online psychics.

Whether you are an ardent psychic service user with years of experience or an amateur keenly looking forward to the first psychic reading of your life, the psychic medium platforms can do it all for you.

Furthermore, most of these psychic mediums also provide free psychic readings, as well as, trial sessions of free psychic readings (lasting up to 3 minutes). Free psychic readings are great for people who don’t have much knowledge or experience regarding psychic online services. It helps them to decide whether they’d like to switch to paid sessions.

1. Psychic Source - Overall Best Psychics Services


Traumatic past events and experiences can substantially impact both your psychological and emotional health and if overlooked, can result in lasting or even irreversible damage. These emotional scars or traumas can take up plethora of epochs to heal, creating unimaginable havoc in different facets of life. Sudden death of a person you love, an abusive marriage/childhood, an unpleasant divorce or break up, death of a pet, an accident, etc. all are examples of events which may impact our present life. This is where the seasoned best Psychic Source readers can help.

You will be pleased to know that mystical foresight along with special psychic tools (such as, tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves, etc.) is actively used by the Psychic Source’s network of best psychics to help sitters not only face but also overcome past traumas which may be hindering with the peace of their present-day life. Psychic predictions given by a credible reader can indeed help in the comprehension of complex (and even deep-seated) emotions that might be a cause of discord and discomfort.

With experience of over 3 decades in online psychic reading under its name, Psychic Source has been actively providing some of the best readings to its user base. But there is one tiny setback: to connect with readers and avail different psychic services offered by the network for free, you will first have to register to the site by providing your card or bank details. Only after that you will be able to unlock free minutes for a trial session of online psychic reading. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that not even a penny will be charged from your account without prior consent and authorization. Providing card details is merely a procedure to ensure you are a serious client.

That said, this psychic online reading site has some prominent features that give it an edge over other industry players. For instance, to ensure sitters have an interactive and productive psychic reading online session, the network enables clients to connect with psychics not only via live chat or call, but also through live video sessions. Owing to this incredible feature, sitters can watch their preferred psychics get insightful readings in real time.

If that isn’t enough to persuade your and entice you to give this site a try, we have more. As a newly registered user, you can even enjoy a range of introductory plans offered by Psychic Source. As per these plans, latest subscribers can get psychic reading sessions at a flat rate of one dollar per minute. The duration of sessions offered under these plans are:

  • 10 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Psychic Source also boasts other incredible offerings. Below we have highlighted the features that stood out for us:

Budget-Friendly Payment Plans

The thing we love about Psychic Source is that their payment plans meet the budget preferences of all types of users. Instead of targeting only one niche, the website has come up with several payment options which are super competitive and affordable. With charges as reasonable as $0.66 per minute, sitters can connect with the best psychics and receive life-changing revelations in great money.

Fail-safe Refunds for Poor & Dissatisfactory Customer Experience 

Psychic readings might be a new venture for you to explore. Therefore, we understand if you are concerned about investing your hard-earned money on them. But you’ll be happy to know that with Psychic Source, your money is in safe hands. The platform not only offers affordable subscription plans to sitters, it also has a fantastic fail-safe refund policy to make sure they get the most out of their every buck. If you ever have a dissatisfactory experience on this platform or face any technical glitch, you can easily reach out to its customer service department within 24 hours and ask for a full refund.

Strict Psychic Screening Process

Psychic Source understands that the best psychic reading session is an outcome of hiring only the best psychics in the industry – readers who actually know what they’re doing and doing it right. Due to this, the platform obliges every reader to undergo a stringent screening process. Only the readers who successfully meet the requirements of the site are allowed to perform psychic readings for customers. Till date, the site has been able to successfully amass a network of 200+ of the very best psychics in the industry for its members.

Promotional Discounts/Offers

As shared earlier, to connect with readers and avail different psychic services offered by the network, every client must first register to the site by providing their card or bank details. Only after that they can unlock free minutes for trial sessions of online psychic readings. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean the platform falls short on fantastic promotional discounts and offers.

For instance, the site provides a 75 percent discount for free psychic readings – and that’s barely touching the surface. The network also provides a free trial to every new subscriber which lasts up to three minutes. Furthermore, as a newly registered user, you can even enjoy a range of introductory plans offered by Psychic Source. As per these plans, latest subscribers can get psychic reading sessions at a flat rate of one dollar per minute. Isn’t that great?

⇒ Visit Psychic Source (Official Website)

2. Kasamba - Best Psychics for Financial & Career Forecasts


“The eyes only see the present, but the psychic mind reads the future” is what Kasamba stands for. And it is this special ability that can help you overcome the hurdles of your career and financial footing. Although Kasamba psychics extend useful guidance on several facets of life including love, relationships, spirituality, health, etc., the website is most admired for its projections on career and financial outlook. So, if you feel nothing is working in your favor, especially concerning your career, this platform is where you need to be.

With a massive user pool of 3 million people and experience of over 2 decades in the psychic industry, Kasamba can help you navigate the never-ending tests of life. Best thing about this platform? It is a one-stop-shop encompassing a broad range of psychic services. Whether you want to connect with a psychic reader for a divine chat or want to learn what the stars have in story for you by an astrologer – the website’s network of more than 180 psychics has got you covered.

And that is just tip if the iceberg.

Kasamba isn’t only best for career and financial projections, the platform is equally fantastic for connecting with some of the best psychics on the web, including cartomancy, clairvoyants, oracle/angel card readers etc. We dare say, it is hands down the best platform for psychic services in 2022 that follows extremely strict protocols and procedures to ensure every reading is 100% true.

In addition to the above-stated features, Kasamba also has generous refund policy for inaccurate psychic experiences. The platform is available on both: a desktop version and a smartphone application that’s fully compatible with Android and iOS phones.

With the psychic readings delivered via multiple contact modes (chat, phone, email), the site is home to some of the best free psychics worldwide, who can uncover the wisdom concealed behind the workings of your life. Whether you’re experiencing a change of heart regarding your existing career choice or are worried about your future financial standing, Kasamba psychics can extend invaluable readings to save you from the suffocation of your own thoughts.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the site also boasts other incredible offerings. Below we have highlighted the features that stood out for us:

Quick & Easy Registration 

In contrast to other online psychic platforms, the process of creating a user account on Kasamba is quick and super easy. Even the most un-tech-savvy people can register on the website in a matter of mere minutes. All they have to do use personal details (including name, DOB, location, etc.) to create a profile and get ready for a life-changing cosmic chat.

Easy Search for Best Psychics

As revealed earlier, Kasamba is a hub of highly gifted and seasoned experts. These experts provide guidance on several life issues ranging from love, health, career, to spiritual topics. With so many topics being covered, you might assume it will be hard to find the right psychic for you. Well, that might be a possibility with other sites, but not with this one. Once you create your Kasamba profile, you will be asked to select a category on which you seek guidance. This filtering feature will narrow down you search and connect you with psychics that suit of psychic needs.

Uncompromised User Safety

When it comes to online surfing, the thing which troubles people the most is the safety of their personal information, including their bank details. Kasamba understands this concern and thus promises to safeguard the privacy and personal information of every subscriber. To make sure user safety is never compromised or violated by third-parties, online psychic readings are delivered via a SSL encrypted website.

Multiple Connection Mediums

Psychic readings are delivered on Kasamba via several different connection mediums, making the site a first choice of several online users. Psychic readings are given via live chat, phone call, and even mail. So, if you are not a person of many words or are socially awkward, don’t fret. This platform has got your back. Choose the communication medium most suitable and comfortable for you to get most out of your psychic readings.

Promotional Discounts/Offers

Just like Psychic Source, this platform too has several ongoing discounts for people trying their luck in the mystical art of psychic readings. The site provides a 70 percent discount for free psychic readings along with a free trial to every new subscriber which lasts up to three minutes. Lastly, the incredible platform also provides a fair money-back policy for false readings.

⇒ Visit Kasamba (Official Website)

3. California Psychics - Gifted Psychics for Relationship & Love Problems


Although all aspects of life are important, there’s no denying that one hiccup in our relationships can create a havoc, disrupting our peace of mind (and heart) like no other. If you are going through such a challenging time, we have good news. California Psychics is equipped with 25+ years of experience in psychic reading online and specializes in the matters of heart and relationships. The best online psychics present on its network can provide you instrumental guidance in order to restore the peace in your relationships and get your love-life back on track.

In addition to help with your love-life, the California Psychics experts can even help you resolve issues related to spiritual disbalance, career disruptions, health concerns, etc. It would not be entirely wrong to state that the platform uses a holistic approach to help you heal from past and present strains with the aim achieve an ideal life. California Psychics is available on both: a desktop version and a smartphone application that’s fully compatible with Android and iOS phones.

Here are some other prominent qualities of California Psychics that we simply could not resist to leave out:

Expert Guidance on Love & Relationships

If you wish to receive invaluable relationship guidance via love readings, then you have come to the right place. When it comes to expertise, the network of psychic readers is immensely vast but handling the troubles of the heart is what this website is most admired for among users. So, if you are stressed about the future standing of your relationship, do not think twice to connect with a California Psychics expert.

One-of-a-kind Reader Filtering System

The feature which stood out most to us is California Psychics one-of-a-kind and highly effective psychic filtering system. With the help of this system, the website ensures that every customer is connected with a psychic that’s well-suited their unique needs. Under this system, you can narrow down psychics based on their expertise level, years of experience, past user rating, specialization, charges per session, etc.

Easy Interface Usability

Both the California Psychic desktop version as well as the smartphone application are built incredibly well with the end-user in mind. The interface is super user-friendly and is suitable for people who are little to not at all tech-savvy, making the entire process of scheduling a reading and connecting with the best psychics almost effortless. A sitter just has to choose their contact medium and in few minutes, they’ll be directly connected with their respective psychics.

Promotional Discounts/Offers

California Psychics doesn’t have any discount going on like the previous two sites. But that doesn’t mean it has nothing at all to offer. Instead of providing a 3-minute trial, this network provides a free reading session lasting up to 5 minutes! To avail this offer, you must use the promo code "ADD5” when creating your account. In addition to this, latest subscribers can also enjoy psychic reading sessions at a flat rate of one dollar per minute.

⇒ Visit California Psychics (Official Website)

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Online Psychic Readings


Is it necessary to meet a free psychic reader in-person for accurate readings?

Not at all!

Psychic readings are a great way to gain meaningful understandings and bring in a certain degree of clarity in your life. However, nowhere does it say that you have to be face-to-face with a free psychic reader in order for the reading to be accurate. Phone psychic readings and chat psychic readings are equally (if not) accurate in psychic predictions. In fact, some would argue that meeting free psychics online is more convenient and effective for both the reader, as well as the sitter.

However, bear in mind that finding credible and honest free psychics is not an easy feat. Every day, hundreds of new scammers/con-artists set up their psychic shop online with the intention of looting innocent clients. Therefore, only connect with free psychics belonging to a reputable platform, such as Kasamba, Psychic Source, California Psychics, etc. The absolute best psychic reading online services is what you are bound to receive on these platforms.

Where can you find the best love psychics online?

The matters of heart are indeed complex and an inaccurate psychic love reading is the last thing you’d want since it can jeopardize your whole relationship. Therefore, instead of searching far and wide for authentic love psychics, we suggest you connect with one via any of the 3 websites shared in this review. These psychic love reading are few of the most credible and trusted in the online psychic industry. California Psychics is especially recommended if you are seeking a free psychic love reading to calm the raging storms clouding your love-life

With our seal of approval, you’ll definitely find love psychics who’re most compatible with your love needs. So, do not hesitate in signing up with any of these platforms.

How to check whether an online psychic reading website is legitimate?

To begin with, never register to a website that is not authorized by a credible source. Instead, look for a psychic reading site with high security features and customer service guarantees just like the ones shared in this review. Another great way to check whether an online psychic reading platform is legitimate or not is to browse through its user reviews and testimonials section. Believe us, you can learn so much about a website and its service experience from there since past users never lie. Furthermore, you can also check the platforms rating – four-star and five-star ratings should be most preferred.

The most common types of readings requested by users on these platforms include: love readings, astrological readings, spiritual readings, tarot readings, oracle card readings, and numerology readings.

Which online psychic reading website is best for financial outlook & career forecasts? 

Although there are numerous platforms out there giving great financial and career forecasts, we feel Kasamba stands out from the crowd. Financial and career counselors at Kasamba are highly regarded for accurately predicting the qualms of the job market. And with several factors steering the wheel of your work life (remember coronavirus?), it can be super useful to know in advance what your financial and career position might be like in the nearing future and help you make the best decision.

This where a psychic reader specializing in financial outlook and career forecasts can help. Psychic readers at Kasamba will not only provide detailed guidance to make sure you get the solution you are searching for, they will also share meaningful insights to help you achieve a thriving career.

Apart from extending free psychic readings related to your career, expert readers also proficiently cover other psychic online services, including dream analysis, past life analysis, palm readings, fortune telling, etc.

Which type of questions should you ask during online psychic readings?

Don’t know what to ask during your first online psychic reading session? Well, worry no more. Below we have highlighted the type of questions that you can consider asking your reader for the best possible experience.

Questions to receive clarification regarding certain aspects of life.

Receiving readings online by a psychic reader can more often than not leave you a bit confused. There have been times when several sitters don’t fully understand the meaning of a reading in regards to their queries context. If you ever experience the same, we have an advice: never be hesitant in asking a clarifying question. The answer you’re looking for might just be a question away. In fact, most of the time the most insightful psychic readings transpire when further clarification is asked.

So, if you ever feel lost or uncertain during a reading session, be sure to let your psychic reader know that. In addition, if you have other questions that could shed some light on the matter at hand, do ask them without feeling guilty or embarrassed. You are paying the reader your hard-earned money, after all. It is only right, you get what you were promised.

If you’re still don’t feel sure regarding what your psychic reader is trying say, be sure to not jump to conclusions. Instead, take some time to think about the psychic reading provided to you. The meaning of the psychic reading online will eventually surface in the future.

Questions that are open-ended.

If you are seeking to get the most out of your time and money spent on an online psychic reading session., these are best kind of questions to ask. Here are some great examples of what an open-ended question may look like:

  • What can I do to take my career to new heights?
  • How can I become a better partner?
  • How can I improve my health?

Bear in mind, a psychic reading will never give the final answer. It will give you snippets of what can be done. That is the key reason why open-ended can be so beneficial in psychic readings. Some people assume that just because a question is open-ended, it won’t be detailed. But they’re wrong. In fact, broad questions (like the examples given above) can allow seasoned readers to share useful information that’s unexpected (such as hidden emotions, emotions holding you back, etc.) with you during online psychic sessions.

Questions that are general in nature.

It’s true that in online psychic reading sessions asking questions related to a particular topic can result in powerful insights. However, you must also note that with the best psychics you won’t really need to ask a question at all. The best psychic reading experts give general readings that hold equally powerful insights. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. You will be surprised at the life-altering information you’ll get during a general psychic reading.

Get Free Psychic Readings for A Stress-free Life

Online psychics that are actually qualified and know their job well, will not only assist you in effectively crossing and managing the endless struggles of life, they can even help you in comprehending how the decisions or events of your past impact your current life. Armed with such insights, you can turn your most pressing desires into a reality. Authentic readings by credible psychics can help you avoid unfavorable routes, eventually leading to a more fulfilled life.

So, if you’ve been hunting for psychic mediums that can deliver accurate psychic predictions, we suggest you to stop and look no further. The psychic reading online networks reviewed in this post are just a click away.

Scheduling reading sessions with a free psychic reader via these networks can help you extend clarity to everlasting life troubles. However, keep in mind that all this is possible only if you connect with the best psychics. When you meet live psychics on networks like Psychic Source, Kasamba, or California Psychics, you can take a sigh of relief knowing that you’ll be receiving astrology readings from the most well-known free psychics. All three of our top picks have a vast network of the best free psychics who specialize in various psychic abilities.

Nevertheless, to make the best decision always carefully review the profile of every free psychic reader to assess factors like pricing, contact mode, experience, credibility, specialization, and most importantly, past sitter reviews/testimonials.

So, don’t waste any more time and sign up today at one of these networks for a life-changing psychic chat.