Don’t delay medical care. The hospital is safe

12:34 PM, Sep 08, 2020

In this time of uncertainty, it is essential to take care of your health. If you or a loved one are experiencing chest pain, stroke symptoms, or other any symptoms that require prompt medical care, please don’t delay. Hospitals are still open and are making it a priority to safely care for all patients, not just those suffering from COVID-19.

Locally, the Palm Beach Health Network of hospitals which include, Delray Medical Center, Good Samaritan Medical Center, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, St. Mary’s Medical Center and the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital, and West Boca Medical Center all have strict policies and procedures in place to help keep patients safe. They have appropriate testing for COVID-19 with dedicated units – a separate and safe environment, and are committed to ensuring the safety of staff, physicians and the community. COVID-19 patients are cared for in separate areas of the hospitals, and all patients and staff are prescreened and provided with appropriate protective gear. The hospitals follow guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Palm Beach County Health Department, to identify, isolate, and treat any potential COVID-19 cases.

The Palm Beach Health Network hospitals have a long-standing tradition of offering advanced care and comprehensive services, including emergency care, stroke services, cardiac surgery, orthopedic services and women’s and OB care services. In fact, the Palm Beach Health Network hospitals are home to the only Level 1 trauma centers in the area, and are used to treating some of the sickest and most critically injured patients throughout Palm Beach County and beyond with quality, compassionate care. That commitment to our community remains unchanged.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exceptional team of dedicated caregivers regularly treated infectious diseases, and the Palm Beach Health Network of hospitals remain prepared and ready to be able to continue to provide safe care. The appropriate steps have been taken, and the Network has the trained professionals and the necessary equipment to react accordingly. It is important not to delay lifesaving urgent or emergent care that could be vital to your health.

Emergencies happen – and are unplanned. The Palm Beach Health Network has Emergency Departments across our healthcare system in Palm Beach County, which remain open 24/7 with board-certified physicians to care for any emergency medical need, at any time.

Palm Beach Health Network hospitals stand ready to care for our community. The hospitals continue to treat all patients that require care, and it is imperative for the community to understand that it is safe for patients to come to the hospitals and emergency departments. Together, we will get through this, as a Community Built on Care. Please visit your local hospital’s website for more information:

Delray Medical Center –

West Boca Medical Center –

Good Samaritan Medical Center –

St. Mary’s Medical Center –

Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center –