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10 Best Personal Loans for Bad Credit: Get Payday Loans & No Credit Check Loans with Guaranteed Approval

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Posted at 8:40 AM, Sep 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-21 08:40:51-04

Every once in a while, it is common to find yourself in a financial fix and need a fast emergency loan to attend to unexpected bills like car breakdown, sudden medical bills, home repairs, etc., due to a paycheck delay or other causes. You might have to apply for emergency loans to address these financial issues.

Getting these loans can be hectic, especially if you have bad credit but need money urgently. Luckily for you, we have compiled the ultimate list of 10 top platforms that will help you get quick emergency loans within the same day. This article will also cover the types of emergency loans you can qualify for and give you a step-by-step guide on how to apply for one. Read on.

Top 4 Loans for Bad Credit

  1. US Bad Credit Loans: Best Overall For Emergency Loans
  2. WeLoans: Best Emergency Loans For Guaranteed Approval
  3. CocoLoan: Best Emergency Loans For Fast Funding
  4. iPaydayLoans: Best Emergency Loans For Fixed APRs

US Bad Credit Loans: Best Emergency Loans For Guaranteed Approval

US Bad Credit Loans.png

US Bad Credit Loans, as the name suggests, is a top-rated platform that helps Americans with bad credit get access to same-day emergency loans by connecting them to a rich network of certified lenders listed on their platform. If you need money desperately and looking for lenders who make fast decisions when offering loans, this is the place to find them.

Once you have submitted your application, by filling out a quick online form and providing all your details, lenders will contact you with different offers. You will pick the one that suits you and sign a contract. Your loan will be approved instantly, and within 24 hours, you'll have the money in your account.


  • The platform is free to use, meaning you pay no obligation or connector fees.
  • US Bad Credit Loans lenders offer competitive rates
  • Fast loans processing and approval 
  • No hard credit search 


  • Some lenders will ask for your source of income. 

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WeLoans - Best Overall For Emergency Loans


WeLoans provides a platform that connects borrowers who traditional lenders like banks have rejected for having a low credit score with a network of US-based lenders who offer emergency bad credit loans. The platform saves you the valuable time you'd waste browsing websites looking for quick loans by connecting you to multiple lenders at once.

You can receive emergency loans directly to your bank account within the same day through a simple procedure that includes submitting your application online and choosing between several offers that you will receive.


  • Attractive interests rates and friendly terms 
  • The whole process is online with no paperwork or visits to loan offices
  • A massive network of direct and licensed lenders
  • Prioritizes user security and privacy using cutting-edge encryption to keep data safe 


  • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident to qualify 

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CocoLoan: Best Emergency Loans For Fast Funding


CocoLoan is a platform that bridges potential borrowers and a network of bad credit lenders. They list some of the most reputable US lenders who offer a variety of loans to people with poor credit, depending on their situation and necessity.

You can easily find lenders who typically offer low interest rates, attractive payment periods, and acceptable loan limits and fund your account relatively fast. Depending on the type of emergency loan you need, you will find a lender on CocoLoan willing to help you get a loan instantly.


  • 24/7 services to attend to you anytime you have an emergency 
  • A secure and safe platform that keeps your data confidential 
  • Partners with a reputable network of lenders 
  • Fast funds transfer (same day) 


  • Secured bad credit loans will require collateral.

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iPaydayLoans: Best Emergency Loans For Fixed APRs


iPaydayLoans is a platform that lists a network of reliable lenders who offer different types of bad credit emergency loans, such as small personal loans. These are generally unsecured loans that don't require collateral or hard credit search to get and come with fixed APRs.

Following the simple prompts on the iPaydayLoans website, you can make an application to obtain these loans quickly from your phone or desktop computer. iPaydayLoans platform has a friendly user interface that makes the entire process blissful.


  • Loans have a set monthly payment with a long repayments term of up to three years.
  • Low-interest personal loans compared to other loans like payday or cash advance 
  • Allows for a cosigner, although not mandatory 
  • Have fixed APRs 


  • Some lenders might charge you an originator fee. 

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Check Into Cash - Best Emergency Loans For up to $5,000

Check Into Cash

Check Into Cash has a reputation as one of the country's top short-term loan providers and has been in the business of providing different kinds of loans for almost three decades. The company can provide you with bad credit loans if you meet their simple eligibility criteria.

Check Into Cash can provide you with emergency loans between $50-$5,000. It is a direct lender and lets you access loans in three simple steps. You can make an application directly on their website or visit one of their stores near you. Either way, you'll be approved fast. You can get the funds as quickly as the next business day.


  • Available both offline and online
  • No hidden fees, transparency is the number one priority 
  • Established company with a long history
  • An easy application process that can be completed in minutes 


  • Available only in the US 

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SuperMoney: Best Emergency Loans For No Fees


SuperMoney is a reputable platform that links potential borrowers with a pool of leading online lenders who offer personal loans to borrowers of all types of credit. You don't need to worry if your credit score is less than impressive.

With SuperMoney, you don't have to worry about lenders ripping you off or being charged outrageous fees and interest. The platform thrives on transparency, and you get real-time offers from multiple lenders. What's even more attractive about this platform, your credit score won't be affected when lenders on this platform perform credit checks.


  • SuperMoney employs advanced encryption to protect your data and keep the platform safe.
  • Wide loan range, you can qualify for loans of $500 to $100,000
  • Highly rated by previous clients with an almost perfect score of 4.8/5.0 on Trustpilot
  • Unbiased platform 


  • Must be US Citizen to qualify 

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Upgrade: Best Emergency Loans For Personal Loans


Upgrade is an online platform that partners with FDIC member companies to provide different types of services, including personal loans provided by their leading partners. They offer personal loans you can use to accomplish your goals, consolidate debt, make home improvements, and much more.

Upgrade has helped over one million Americans and gave out billions of dollars to help families and individuals address their financial emergencies. This has made Upgrade one of the country's leading and highly rated lending platforms.


  • You can pay off your loan anytime since there are no prepayment fees
  • Upgrade offers competitive low and fixed interest rates
  • Flexibility options allow you to change your payment dates 
  • A secure and well-designed platform 


  • You might be charged an originator fee. 

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US Title Loans - Best Emergency Loans For Title Loans

US Title Loans

US Title Loans is an online broker committed to helping borrowers access different kinds of bad credit loans by connecting them to hundreds of reputable dealers on their websites. If you desperately need urgent loans but finding it hard to get approved by banks and credit unions, USTitleLoans provides an alternative.

In four straightforward steps, you can acquire different kinds of bad credit loans like secured and unsecured personal loans on this platform to address your emergency. Just fill out an online form, receive offers and select one, sign the contract and get your emergency cash.


  • Network of reliable bad credit moneylenders 
  • No hard credit checks that hurt your credit score
  • Money is sent directly to your bank account 
  • Competitive and fair rates are available 
  • Industry-leading premium platform security 


  • Must have a bank account to receive money 

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Fast Title Loans: Best Emergency Loans For Quick Cash

Fast Title Loans

Fast Title Loans is a free-to-use online broker that connects borrowers with lenders offering all types of bad credit loans. By signing up for the platform when you need cash urgently, you can get linked to potential lenders offering loans at attractive rates and friendly terms.

Once approved, you will receive cash directly to the bank account you provide when signing up. It typically takes less than 24 hours to get the funds.


  • Only soft credit check is conducted 
  • Fast loan approval 
  • Fair interest rates
  • Free to use the platform (Fast TitleLoans charges zero fees) 


  • Must be a  U.S citizen or resident to get loans 

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US Installment Loans - Best Emergency Loans For Urgent Cash

US Installment Loans

US Installment Loans is one of the most recognizable online platforms that has built a reputation for helping people find the most ethical moneylenders available in the US over the years. The platform can connect you to lenders offering urgent bad credit loans at an affordable rate and long repayment windows.

You will first need to fill out an online form to get started. You will then be connected to lenders who will send you multiple offers you can choose from. You can settle on the most favorable and finish the process by signing an agreement. The lender will then release the funds to you.


  • The easy application process that can be completed on your phone
  • Lenders don't perform a hard credit search 
  • Military-grade encryption to keep your data private
  • Fair rates from listed moneylenders 


  • Some lenders might ask for collateral. 

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Types of Emergency Loans

There are different types of emergency loans available that you can choose from. The type of emergency loan you take will be determined by your needs, the amount you want, and the loan terms. Some of the common ones are:

Payday Loans

Payday loans are one of the most convenient emergency loans available; they're short-term and high interests loans. These loans are usually due when you receive your next paycheck. The principal borrowed amounts are typically low, and the potion of your check. Depending on your state, payday loans can be available at a loan store or online. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) warns against taking high-interest loans, including payday loans.

Personal Loans

They are typically two types of personal loans available at most lenders, secured and unsecured personal loans. Secured loans are small amounts you can borrow and pay back in monthly installments without collateral. On the other hand, unsecured loans are higher amounts and will require collateral. Personal loans have competitive rates and extended repayment terms.

Auto Title Loans

These are types of emergency loans that let you use your vehicle as collateral for urgent loans. Depending on your needs, you can get up to 50% of your car's worth as a loan. Rates are typically high for this type of loan, and you risk losing your vehicle if you default on your payments.

Credit Card Cash Advance Loans

These are a type of cash advance loans you get from your credit card provider. It will allow you to make credit purchases as well as obtain cash. Credit card companies often charge high fees for this type of emergency loan. You should also note that your credit score might take a hit if the advance causes your credit utilization rate to go up.

Home Equity Loans

These types of secured emergency loans let homeowners get a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC) using their house as collateral. These loans are often friendly with low rates and extended repayment terms. You, however, risk losing your house should you default.

How to Apply for an Emergency Loan if You Have Bad Credit

When applying for bad credit emergency loans, the first step is gathering all your personal identification documents. These are your address, contact information, social security number, date of birth, and government-issued ID such as a driving license. Then prepare financial documents like pay stubs and bank statements. Get the detail of the emergency loan, like the amount you need and the purpose.

The next step is submitting your loan application for bad credit. The lender will perform a soft credit search that won't affect your credit score and get back to you with an offer. You'll review it, and if it's suitable, accept.

After this stage, you will provide your financial documents, and the lender will conduct a hard credit search that can affect your credit score. If approved, you will be given final loan terms and then proceed to sign an agreement. Funds will be deposited directly to your bank account within the same business day.

Final Thoughts

Emergency bad credit loans can come in handy when you are in a financial fix, traditional lenders reject you due to poor credit scores, and all your other avenues to get cash quickly are closed. Using the ten platforms we reviewed in this article, you can find lenders willing to overlook your low credit and offer you a loan.