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Best Online Tarot Card Reading Platforms for Accurate Tarot Readings and Authentic Predictions

Do you ever find yourself in a rut of constant struggles, and you are tired, and all you wish to see is some hope for your future? Tarot card reading is the help you have been looking for all this while!
Posted at 10:11 AM, Oct 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-14 10:11:11-04

Do you ever find yourself in a rut of constant struggles, and you are tired, and all you wish to see is some hope for your future? Tarot card reading is the help you have been looking for all this while!

When life seems to constantly jump from one hardship to another, it is natural to feel that life is particularly difficult for you. It is hard to find people sailing in the same boat when a dark cloud of negativity impedes your vision. You find yourself fighting all your battles alone in silence. You assume that no one else would understand, and life hasn't been this unfair to them. Even if you do end up finding some help, you cannot make your brain perceive it as such. Hence, sometimes, all you need is a slight change in perspective.

Tarot card reading offers you the chance to see things in a better light. It helps you make more sense of the rumble of sad emotions in your head. Tarot card readers become the translators to help you understand the divine interventions in your life. They help you read the hidden signs and identify the silver linings of all the gray clouds your fate brought your way. It makes your vision less foggy and helps paint a much more hopeful image of your future ahead.

Tarot card readers use an ensemble of cards to help decipher all the conundrums of life. They place the cards in a particular order in front of you. They help you understand what each of those cards means and how they offer insights into your past and your future.

Tarot card readers do not just leave you with information about your future. They also assist in how you wish to navigate things after acquiring the information regarding your future. In addition to this, tarot card readers enable you to see your future differently and dodge away negativity in life even when things take a wrong turn.

Top 4 Best Online Tarot Card Reading Platforms

1. Psychic Source – Number one choice for tarot card enthusiasts dealing with uncertainty in life. (3 free minutes + 75% off for new members).

2. Kasamba – Best tarot cards online reading platform for love tarot reading. (Get 3 minutes of a reading free and 70% off).

3. California Psychics – One stop solution for tarot card readings on all crucial life issues.

4. Keen – Top-rated tarot card reading platform for financial & career advice. (10 minutes at $1.99)

Here is a detailed analysis of each of the top-rated online tarot card reading platforms. Get your money's worth and make the most of these best tarot reading online platforms by offering special deals and FREE tarot online reading trials.


Psychic Source – Get Your Ultimate Dose of Positivity with Accurate Tarot Card Revelations!


Serving the psychic reading and tarot card reading industry for more than thirty years, Psychic Source is one name that everyone is familiar with. The platform is renowned for its exceptional customer service, professional readers, and affordable prices.

Whether you are struggling with money matters or trying to cope with other adversities of life, Psychic Source has tarot card readers specializing in several categories, so you do not go home disappointed. You can enjoy Psychic Source from the comfort of your home and even get a chance to choose a communication mode of your choice. From phone tarot card readings to chat tarot card readings to live psychics, Psychic Source has an extensive reader's portfolio to cater to all your needs.

Let’s Hear It From Psychic Source Loyalists!

This is the story of Herman, a 26-year-old engineer who needed some tarot card reading to feel optimistic about life.

"Hey, my name is Herman, and I have been a regular at tarot online reading. I used to go for physical readings initially, but online readings became my thing after the pandemic. The problem with online tarot cards reading was that there are so many fraudulent platforms out there that you waste hundreds of dollars on them without any results. As soon as I joined Psychic Source, this problem was solved. The platform offers reliable and professional tarot card readers who know what they are doing. I have taken six tarot readings from them, and it is safe to say that they have been outstanding.

The results and predictions have been pretty accurate, restoring my faith in Psychic Source's credibility and authenticity. I was dealing with a lot of stress in life-related to work as well as some family matters too. Thankfully the tarot card reader at Psychic Source was kind enough to guide me through the process, and she shared some valuable life advice and what the cards showed. After trying my luck at multiple tarot card reading online service providers, I can say this with 100% assurance that there is no other tarot card reading online expert like them. If you are also going through a crunch time in life, I would highly recommend you to give tarot readings by Psychic Source a try. You will thank me later."

Special Deals - Free Online Tarot Card Readings at Psychic Source

As discussed earlier, Psychic Source offers a wide range of tarot card reading services at pocket-friendly rates. If you are joining the platform for the first time, you can enjoy affordable tarot readings without compromising the quality of service. The starting prices at Psychic Source start from as low as $0.66 per minute for your first tarot cards online reading.

In addition to this, you also get to enjoy a FREE trial for the first 3 minutes of your tarot cards reading session. With such affordable tarot readings at your disposal, there is no reason why you shouldn't become part of the Psychic Source family right away.

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Kasamba – Enjoy Expert Tarot Online Readings on Matters of the Heart at Amazing Prices!


Kasamba is a trusted tarot card reading platform specializing in love and relationship advice. Besides their exceptional tarot reading online services, Kasamba is well-known for other mystic services like online psychic reading, spiritual readings astrological readings, dream analysis, Love Readings, Fortune Telling, Career Forecasts, oracle card readings, numerology readings, past life readings etc. The platform has been serving the mystic industry for more than two decades, with millions of loyal customers from all across the globe.

Kasamba has a wide range of tarot card reading experts that offer you personalized tarot card readings regarding whatever your current life struggles are. However, if you are specifically looking for an online tarot card reading on matters of the heart, Kasamba takes the cake in this category. Online tarot readings from a tarot card reading expert at Kasamba can be genuinely life-changing when it comes to finding solace in your love life. Whether you are trying to get over a broken heart or looking for ways to rekindle the spark in your current relationship – Kasamba got you covered with their free online love tarot reading.

Let’s Hear It From Kasamba Loyalists!

This is the story of Becky Jones, a 30-year-old Kasamba customer who was struggling with her love life.

"I had been in a toxic relationship for the past four years, and I was badly stuck in it. No matter how many times I tried to break free from the clutches of my abusive ex, I would always end up falling back into his trap. That's what love makes you do. It messes you up so much that you're not even able to take care of yourself. God bless my friend, Sammy, who told me to seek the help of a tarot card reading expert from Kasamba. The first session with my tarot reader was an eye-opener. I knew what I needed to do, and I had the strength to do it now.

After breaking up with my ex, I've been a regular customer at Kasamba. I have tried almost all of their services, including tarot readings, psychic readings, astrology readings, numerical analysis, dream analysis, and even online medium reading. They are by far the best in the category, and once you get your first reading, you will know that you are getting your money's worth. 10/10 recommended."

Special Deals - Free Online Tarot Card Readings at Kasamba

If you are new to the world of online tarot card readings offered by Kasamba, you are in for a special surprise – It's Free online tarot card readings! Yes, that's right. Kasamba offers special deals for all new members, where they can enjoy their fantastic service at half the fraction of the price.

First of all, Kasamba offers a free 3-minute trial reading for all new sign-ups, giving you another reason to join the Kasamba family. In addition to this, Kasamba also offers an additional discount of up to 70% on their tarot card reading. This means that you can experience tarot card readings for absolutely free and choose a tarot reader that best suits you.

That's not all! Kasamba also offers a 100% refund policy to its customers. This means that if you're not happy with your tarot card reading for any reason, Kasamba will give you a complete refund. As far as customer services go, Kasamba knows how to make loyal ones.

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California Psychics – Find Answers to All Burning Life Questions with Their Expert Tarot Card Reading!


Even since its inception in 1995, California Psychics has been a frontrunner in the free tarot reading and online psychic reading industry. They are still considered a force to be reckoned with. Often in life, we have to face difficult times that lead to uncertainties and doubts in our heads. A tarot card reading from California Psychics can truly help things turn around for you. The platform offers an extensive portfolio of professional tarot card reading experts that can help you overcome the uncertainties that cloud your thoughts.

When it comes to data security and privacy, California Psychics takes complete care of its customers in this regard. All your payment and personal details are kept confidential and safe, so you do not need to worry about any online thefts or scams. Once you decide to get an online tarot card reading from California Psychics, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

Moreover, when it comes to online tarot card reading experts, California Psychics ensures that the tarot card readers on the platform are only the best ones out there. They practice an extremely stringent recruitment system to ensure they have the most qualified and worthy tarot card readers on their portfolio. This strict recruitment process ensures that California Psychics offers the most credible and trained professionals on board.

Let’s Hear it From California Psychics Loyalists!

This is the story of Shane Basker, who turned to California Psychics after he had a meltdown.

“Hi, my name is Shane Basker, and I recently started my first online tarot card reading with California Psychics. Here's the deal. California Psychics was my first tarot reading platform, and it will most certainly be my last one. After this, I don't think I need to try any other online tarot reader. When I came to the platform looking for answers to one of life's most burning questions, I had no hopes whatsoever. To my surprise, the first tarot reading session turned out to be way better than my expectations. Not only did it help me regain confidence in myself, but it also provided great mental relief.

One great thing about California Psychics is that the platform specializes in dealing with personal, financial, love, and other life issues. This means that no matter what your struggle is, an online tarot card reading online from California Psychics will help you cope with it."

Special Deals - Free Online Tarot Card Readings at California Psychics

If you are looking for reliable tarot card readings, you should come to California Psychics to explore the plethora of trained and professional tarot card readers on the platform. When it comes to affordable tarot readings, California Psychics is an excellent choice. From initial readings starting at low as $1 per minute and an additional 5-minute FREE reading trial.

If you also have the common misconception that online tarot reading services will cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, this doesn't fall true for California Psychics. The platform offers high-quality psychic and tarot readings at affordable prices making its services more easily accessible for everyone.

⇒ Join California Psychics, Enjoy Expert Tarot Card Reading Services at Your Fingertips.


Keen Psychics – Find an Ideal Tarot Card Reading Expert and Get Help on Money Matters, Life Advice and More!


Keen Psychics is a top-of-line and predominantly leading tarot and psychic reading site. It gives you access to highly talented tarot card readers. A name of trust and reliability, at Keen Psychics, all your data and information is kept confidential and only shared with the tarot card reader. If you seek answers or direction at a difficult point in life, you must visit Keen Psychics. There is something special about the tarot card readers on the site: they are passionate about what they do and put in sincere efforts to give a customer a genuine experience. You have a wide variety of categories to choose from as there are specialists available catering to different niches. You may also select the tools you prefer, like online tarot or tarot cards.

Once you become a member of the Keen Psychics, you unlock a vast range of psychic reading styles for yourself. It includes different tools on the site that enable you to select your preference for a psychic reading. Your line of questions can come from any walk of life. You can ask about your compatibility with your partner, whether you will find love or not, if your zodiac is compatible with your partner's, your interpretation of a dream, whether a vacation is going to be beneficial for you, is your pet is going to be with you forever. You can ask anything that comes to your mind. Keen Psychics also offers psychic reading in the Spanish language.

Let’s Hear it From Keen Psychics Loyalists!

This review was shared by Jacob Lewis, a young professional seeking professional and career advice.

"I have been in the investment business ever since I was twelve and have made a lot of money over the years. However, the past month was a traumatic one where I had to bear a significant financial loss of thousands of dollars. This completely broke me and shook my confidence. That's when my partner told me to see an online tarot expert at Keen Psychics. I came to the platform with an empty mind, and I left it completely satisfied.

The tarot card reader was learned and adequately trained, and they made the whole process look pretty simple, considering it was a phone tarot reading. The insights that she shared with me were valuable as they helped me plan my next business moves for the following months. It has been quite a success. I can say this from my personal experience. If you want to see an online tarot card reading expert for financial advice or assistance, Keen Psychics is your last bet."

Special Deals - Free Online Tarot Card Readings at Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics reviews tell that the users like the interface to be simple and easy. The sign-up process is merely a few short and easy steps. The overall interface is simple enough to understand and user-friendly for online tarot readings. After the initial sign-up, you will be able to see your intro package, which will come with free minutes of tarot online readings. The special offer includes a trial of 10 minutes for just $1.99.

To activate your account and use your free minutes, you need to upload a payment option first. Payment options include Credit Card, Debit Card, and PayPal. The site does not charge you a single dime at this point. The charge will only begin once your free minutes have been consumed. Get financial advice, career advice, and more from an online tarot card reading at Keen Psychics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Tarot Reading Do For Me?

You must have experienced moments in your life where you feel directionless, lost, and unable to understand what to do. Online tarot readings can help you out in many aspects of life that are unknown to you, so you can decide what works out in your best interests. Since COVID-19 hit, many free online tarot reading sessions are being offered to help you get your life back on track that was derailed due to the pandemic.

Tarot cards online cannot fix your life, but they can certainly show you what pieces of information you are missing so you can make correct decisions based on that.

What Kind of Answers Do I Get From Tarot Readings?

Your first tarot cards reading online may be a disappointing experience, but that doesn't mean it does not work out. In reality, the answers you get are usually missing pieces of puzzles in your life. As the information keeps revealing and everything adds up, it will all start making sense to you.

To make the most out of your answers, you can always record the tarot card reading in a journal or on your phone so that you can reread it after some time. After some time passes or something is revealed to you in life, you can come back to the answer and realize it was constantly pushing you towards what is right.

Tarot cards work similarly to our minds. Just like when we get emotional and cannot process our emotions although everything is playing out in front of us; similarly online tarot card reading interprets things for us that we don't realize until it's too late. It's often only after the events have unfolded that we understand the meaning behind the tarot card readings.

Online tarot card readings, mainly the Thot tarot, are notorious for being brutally honest. If you are searching for some harsh truth to bring you back to reality, you can always ask for a tarot card reading online.

Do Tarot Readings Online Predict the Future?

Online tarot card readings can interpret your past and present and predict your future!

You may not always get direct answers while looking for future predictions from tarot reading online. Sometimes, the answers can be direct and specific, while only generic ones make sense to you after some time has passed.

Tarot cards have evolved over the years, and the meaning of many different cards has also changed. However, psychics can still make accurate predictions about your future, whether related to love readings, career forecasts, etc.

Tarot cards online can also show any negative things that may happen to you or harm you, so you can take steps to keep yourself safe.

Whatever future they predict, whether positive or not, rest assured that it will be correct and narrow down the choices to make decision-making an easier task for you.

Can Online Tarot Cards Reading Help Me With Any Issues in My Relationship?

Are you single and can't wait to meet your soulmate, trying to fix the pieces of your relationship, or just trying to get over a bad heartbreak?

Online tarot card reading can answer all your burning questions, and we will guide you on exactly how to make the most of it.

The first thing you have to do is make sure you ask the right questions. Depending on the type of answer you want, they can be specific or general.

You can also ask any follow-up or related questions to clarify further confusion.

You will need to clear your mind of all concerns and biases to allow the reading to take its course. This way, the answers will make more sense to you as well.

Trusting your psychic plays a considerable role as well. The right reader will want to clear all your doubts and help you out in your mission, so you need to trust their guidance as they do that. Don't be afraid to ask them to explain if you cannot understand.

Above all, trust your gut and brain when getting a tarot card reading. Choose the tarot card deck that your gut feeling says. Listen to the first thought that arises when the card is revealed. Listen to your intuition when you decide to act on your decision. Always journal your readings so you can revisit them and see if they bring clarity to your life later.

With a bit of tarot reading therapy and some guidance, you can make the most out of your life.

How to Deal with a Bad Tarot Reading?

While you are opting for tarot readings, you must know that you sometimes get warnings beforehand. Sometimes your psychic or tarot reader foresees a lousy situation or danger and warns you. This is a case where they are confident that the worst will happen. In such situations, the predictions help you prepare for it and sometimes even turn it into a favorable situation or avoid being in that situation altogether. Another advantage of tarot reading can be that you may discuss the situation with your tarot reader and ask for their suggestion on the matter in light of the tarot reading.

Sometimes you can also expect your tarot reader to align the cards differently and predict a situation positively. The pondering point here is to save you from complex and unforeseen situations and mishappenings.

You must keep in mind that once a tarot reader has suggested an ominous reading, you must never change your tarot reader. As changing the reader will not change the situation. However, you can stop seeking tarot reading and start over in some time. The best way to overcome any ominous reading is by handling the situation smartly and avoiding it.

How to Take Advantage of a Good Tarot Reading?

Tarot readings are one of the best ways to gain insight into the things happening in your life. If you get an opportunity to get a tarot online reading, you can capitalize on it by doing some of the following things.

1. Do Not Make Up Your Mind Beforehand

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when they opt for free psychic reading or online tarot reading is letting their thoughts decide on actually getting the reading. This way, they often expect the worst and will close their mind to any decisions that the tarot reading may show.

For instance, if you're wondering whether you should go and complain to HR about a colleague rather than asking what you should do to get along, it will make your options lesser.

So don't close off your mind to any decisions and broaden your choices.

2. Keep Your Questions Specific

Tarot card readings depend on how many details you offer, and there are many different ways you can go about asking questions from tarot card readers. If you want to look at a problem from various angles and want a complete solution, you can ask open-ended questions such as 'What can I do to make my boyfriend happy?'. Taking such an approach will offer you many different ways to go about the problem.

If you would instead get a specific answer from any tarot readings, you can always ask specific questions. Something like a 'Would video games makes my boyfriend happy?' would answer yours accurately. There is a slight drawback to asking specific questions that you might not get too many details; for instance, if you ask that question, you won't know what things other than video games would make your boyfriend happy.

The more minor things you share, the more the tarot reader can predict.

3. Remain Focused on What You Require

If you're availing of online tarot card readings, it's best to ask questions about yourself rather than someone else. If you want to ask any question about someone, you can always correlate the question such that it caters to your needs. Tarot reading is more accurate when you ask personal questions.

Rather than asking, 'Is my friend angry?' you can choose to say, 'What have I done to make my friend angry?'.

4. Do Not Pick Sides

Already making a decision or coming to a decision before getting online tarot reading will defeat the purpose of tarot reading.

Online tarot reading is a process and might take several tries before it gives you an answer. However, coming up with an answer beforehand will not give you a positive experience.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Tarot Card Reading Website

The shift of tarot card readers to online platforms has made it accessible to a vast audience globally. Every single person who has ever been curious about tarot card reading is now just a click away from booking an online appointment.

The traffic on online tarot card reading platforms keeps increasing daily. More and more people wish to connect with reliable tarot card readers now. People who used to be skeptical about it are now more willing to give it a try.

Tarot card reading offers solutions for all sorts of problems in your life. Be it a step back in your carrier or trouble in paradise, there are tarot card readers available to cater to it all. It has become a new way of living for most people. They rely on their regular tarot card reading appointments to lead a more peaceful life.

People like to be prepared for uninformed calamities, and it would be even better to know what and when those hardships come to an end. This is precisely what a tarot card reader helps you do. A trusted online psychic reader helps you take away the learnings from your past, understand your current circumstances and prepare for the future.

One major factor that has played a vital role in building a bridge between the tarot card reader and the person seeking help is the option to stay anonymous. Online platforms offer a great deal of anonymity and subsequently put the person seeking help more at peace. However, despite revealing your identity, tarot card readers are obliged to keep all your information private.

All you need to do now is look up the online platforms mentioned above, look for a professional tarot card reader specializing in your problem area, and book a free first session to find out which tarot card reader matches your vibe. You also have the freedom to choose your medium of communication. It couldn't be made simpler, so what are you waiting for? Get ready to put behind all your worries and pave a path for a more peaceful life.