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Best Online Psychic Reading Services of 2022

Posted at 8:26 AM, Aug 13, 2022
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Best Online Psychic Reading Services of 2022

No matter how smooth-sailing your life is, there are always times when things get out of your control and you need help from a third-person, be it a friend, a therapist, or a psychic. There was one such moment in my life when I had no idea how to approach a situation. My partner started to seem distant after two years together and I felt like he was not ready for commitment.

However, I was too afraid to ask him directly as I was scared of what his answer would be. I shared this with one of my best friends and she suggested that I talk to a psychic reader as only an occult specialist could get me answers from the hidden realms.

I will admit. I was a little hesitant about it but then I realized that only two people could help me with the answers I seeked: my partner himself and a psychic reader who is gifted enough to find answers with the help of spirits and give psychic predictions about the future.

So I reached out to a psychic reader who my friend had already contacted for her own issues. And since this psychic reader was one of the best love psychics, she specialized in the topics of commitment and faithfulness in relationships.

Long story short, this psychic expert helped provide some much-needed clarity and things turned out really well in our favor. My partner ended up asking me for marriage and we are happily married today. She basically predicted our future in which we both were happily married together. So after talking to my psychic, I got enough confidence to approach my partner directly and ask him what he felt about commitment. Turns out, he was interested in taking our relationship to the next level but was too scared to ask.

Ever since this incident, my views for occult sciences have completely changed. I have a newfound respect and confidence about online psychics as I found out that these individuals are highly qualified and experienced in what they do, and yet they are often misunderstood.

Being an avid customer of occult specialists myself, I turn to these individuals for nearly all my life problems now. I have also explored this industry greatly and have found quite a number of occult websites that have incredibly qualified occult specialists from all over the globe.

After checking all of these websites and using them personally, I have decided to create a detailed guide for the readers so you can also turn to an occult specialist if you are ever confused about anything in your life. Below, I have listed the top 4 best and cheapest occult websites that not only have the most reliable and qualified experts, but also provide cheap services along with beginner deals and discounts.

4 Best Psychic Reading Services of 2022

psychic Website



·        Best love and relationships advice

·        3 minutes FREE + 75% off

·        Reliable experts for most affordable online psychic readings services

Psychic Source

·        Highly qualified psychics for spiritual readings

·        Connect via live chat, phone or video call for a cheap readings session

·        Free first 3 Minutes + 75% off for new customers

California Psychics

·        $1 Psychics Match Guarantee

·        5 Free Minutes using promo code "ADD5"

·        Customer satisfaction guarantee

Purple Garden

·        Reliable psychics to meet your budget

·        Huge deals and discounts for an insightful psychic reading

·        A user-friendly mobile app

1. Kasamba - Best Online Psychics for Love and Relationships Advice


When I turned to my friend for help, she got me in touch with a psychic reader at Kasamba. However, I had my doubts about using an online service that was offering “free readings,” all of my doubts cleared when I had my first reading on this website.

I found out that this service has been in existence for more than 20 now, which tells a lot about its credibility and reputation. What’s more, I also went through the detailed testimonials on the website left by each expert’s customers. From what I observed, Kasamba is a highly reputable business that has been around for long enough to know what it’s doing.

You can tell that a business cares about its customers when you look at the attention to detail on its website. When I first opened their website, I found out that their website is really user-friendly. I didn’t have to turn to my friend for help.

All the info I needed was already on their websites, such as how it works, how to sign up, about the company, how-to guides for payments, psychic readings, signups, FAQs, and more. In fact, there is even an entire psychic directory that you can use to look for your desired psychics by their name if you have already had a reading by them and know them by their name.

How convenient, right? I also found out that Kasamba offers discounts and some beginner-friendly deals to first-time users. For instance, I got free assistance from an occult specialist for the first three minutes, in addition to a 70% discount for the next readings.

That’s not it! There are many other cool things about Kasamba that you will find useful. Take a look at these features below:

Multiple Payment Modes

Kasamba offers multiple payment options to its customers. If you are getting your first reading at Kasamba and you sign up, you will have to submit your payment details. They won’t charge you a penny until your beginner discounts are over.

You can either choose to connect your credit or debit card payment method with your Kasamba account or opt to pay with PayPal. It’s totally up to you.

Freedom of Choice With Kasamba’s elaborate network of occult experts from all over the world, you have the freedom of choice to pick your desired expert. This is especially very useful in case you have requests for certain life topics, such as your romance life, financial matters, school, family issues, or more.

So you can reach out to hundreds of different occult specialists in whatever area you need help in. All of the psychics on their site are divided into more than 41 different groups. So you can easily narrow down your search by navigating through these subgroups and finding a specialist who is qualified and experienced in your specific area of concern.

This comes in really handy, especially when compared to local psychics, because you have very limited options when it comes to a psychic near you. You have to make do with the limited options you have.

Satisfaction Promised

One of the best telltale signs of a reliable occult specialist is to see if they offer a satisfaction guarantee. Kasamba is one of such occult businesses that guarantee results. They do so by making sure that users receive a free-of-cost reading in the rare instance that a specialist fails to address your concerns and gives you a satisfying reading.

So whenever life gives you lemons, no matter what area of your life it is, first makes lemonade to refresh your mind, and then schedule a free reading with your expert by availing your beginner discounts.

2. Psychic Source - Real Psychics for Spiritual Readings


As I mentioned earlier, I have tried various occult specialists after getting my first ever reading from Kasamba. And one of the sites that caught my attention was Psychic Source. When you look for a service provider to deal with something as serious as your life problems, you want them to be highly qualified, reputable, experienced, affordable, and professional.

Psychic Source is all of those things and more. For starters, this one has been operating since the time when occult readings were not even that common. It has been around for much longer than three decades now, which says a lot about its credibility.

When I learned about all of this from their website, I instantly felt confident about their services and their commitment to their customers. So I went ahead and called their hotline. That’s right! Psychic Source is actually a hotline for occult services that allows you to dial up a number and instantly get in touch with an expert from their huge network.

Just like all the top occult services in the world, Psychic Source also has the finest array of experienced specialists and psychic categories. So you can use these well-laid-out options and filtering systems to find the perfect fit for you.

In addition to all of this, Psychic Source also has a comprehensive information resource on their website, as well as a number of tools, such as love language tests and the Find a Psychic tool. This expert finder tool allows you to enter a number of details and answer a few questions. Once done, it connects you to the perfect psychic based on your answers. It automatically browses through all the available specialists and then compares them against your areas of concern to find the right match.

That’s not it. There are many more benefits of using Psychic Source. Some of my favorite features of these include:

A Huge Information Resource

Psychic Source has a huge resource of articles and media that can guide you even if you don’t reach out to a reader. This way, you can get help from occult experts without even paying a penny. This section of their website is also divided into various categories, and there is even a search bar that you can use to search for the desired topics of articles.

In addition to guides and articles, the website also has videos, podcasts, and infographics on these topics that you can use to gain some insights. So even if you are unsure about reaching out to a psychic, you can always turn to these information resources for cheap psychic readings.

Daily Horoscopes

When it comes to the world of occult sciences and psychics, many people follow daily horoscopes to get more insights into the positions of the moon, Sun, planets, and other astronomical bodies for guidance in their lives.

Psychic Source offers daily horoscopes for all zodiac signs to help you figure out how to make the most of your day. When you go to their platform, you will find an entire section dedicated to horoscopes.

In addition to daily horoscopes, this section also lists down the character traits and other characteristics related to their love life, health, and career that they can use to get to know themselves better.

Video, Phone, and Chat Psychic Readings

Unlike other sites that only offer chat and phone psychic readings, Psychic Source also offers video psychic readings to help you receive guidance from occult specialists at your convenience.

Many people prefer video psychic readings so that they can learn more about the expert with whom they are going to share their life concerns. So this option can come in handy if you want a face-to-face consultation with your expert.

So if you are looking for a platform that is not only one of a kind in occult services but also offers video psychic readings, you can always turn to Psychic Source.

3. California Psychics - $1 Online Psychics Match Guarantee


When talking about the top occult services in the world. I cannot help but mention California Psychics. California Psychics definitely makes it to my top 4 picks because of many reasons.

Firstly, this website has been in existence for more than two decades. Secondly, it makes it really easy for you to connect to the right expert for your needs, thanks to its user-friendly classification of all experts.

For instance, it has classified its experts into the categories of rising stars, customer favorites, staff picks, customer reviews, premier psychics, new psychics, reading topics, psychic tools, psychic abilities, and psychic style. So you can get in touch with an occult specialist based on these classifications and your preferences.

Moreover, California Psychics has been a source of guidance and assistance for millions of people so far. And there is a good reason why. Their occult experts have managed to create a reputation on the platform with each reading they have given. Not only are they known for accurate and highly helpful readings, but they also value customer confidentiality. This means that no matter what you share with your experts, it will only remain between the two of you.

In addition to all of the basics, California Psychics also has a horoscopes section where it shares daily, next day, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes. There is also a zodiac signs compatibility checker where you can check your compatibility with someone by comparing your zodiac signs.

Below, I have listed some of my favorite features of California Psychics that make it stand out:

Free Birth Calculator

The Free Birth Chart Calculator for each Zodiac sign on California Psychics allows you to discover yourself and your destiny. This astrological tool gives you insights with the help of your birth chart. Use this calculator to learn what the stars say about you and your destiny.

If you have any questions regarding your birth chart, you can always turn to an astrological expert at California Psychics to help you better understand it and get astrological readings.

Karma Rewards

Have you found a psychic reader on this platform that you would like to consult with again? With the rewards program at California Psychics, it is possible to consult with your favorite expert over and over again for free. The more connections you have, the more discounts and free minutes you will get.

With the Karma Rewards program, you get free minutes with experts, free points with every purchase, priority callback spots, free store credit, free birth chart, exclusive offers, an invitation to exclusive events, birthday gifts, and more. All of these perks and benefits are unlocked after you reach a certain tier.

California Psychics Mobile App

One of the most convenient aspects of California Psychics is its smartphone application for both iOS and Android devices. With this app, you get access to occult specialists 24/7, on the go. You also receive personalized horoscopes for every day, week, and month for free.

Moreover, you can see how compatible you are with a given person by using their zodiac signs compatibility checker on the mobile app. You also get to draw free tarot cards and get tarot readings from your favorite expert via a chat or phone call. How convenient, right?

So if you are looking for a platform that not only provides the most professional and expert occult services but also rewards you for it, go ahead and get a free reading at California Psychics today.

4. Purple Garden - Affordable Psychics to Meet Your Budget


If you are looking for a highly affordable occults specialist who gives you real advice without putting a hole in your wallet, then you will be glad to know that Purple Garden has truly the most affordable occult experts online.

This is one of those services that are more focused on offering a complete mobile app experience rather than a web experience. However, you can still get an accurate mystic reading at their website.

One of the best things about the homepage of this website is that they have classified their top experts in the categories of “trending,” “voted most accurate,” “angel insights,” “palm readings,” “dream analysis,” “oracle guidance,” “love readings,” and “psychic readings.” So you can easily find the right expert without having to navigate through the website too much.

What’s more, you also have the option to reach out to these occult experts via video consultations. That’s right! In addition to chat psychics and phone experts, this site also offers the option to connect with your desired expert through video connections for a more personal experience.

When I first approached this site, I did not find much info about this service and its creators on the platform. This made me question its credibility. However, when I downloaded their mobile app, I realized that this service is mainly based on its mobile app. So I reached out to one of the experts via its mobile app and had a really smooth experience.

Below, I have listed some of the specific things I like about Purple Garden:

Massive Discounts and Offers

The platform rolls out huge deals and discounts on its website, mobile app, and social media platforms. In addition to the beginner-friendly discounts, existing users also get massive discounts on live readings, even up to 50% off!

Follow their social media accounts to stay informed about the latest discounts and deals on their website. They roll out these offers almost every week. So you may be in luck and get a flat 50% off on your next reading with the best psychics.


Although Purple Garden is home to hundreds of occult specialists and experts from all over the globe, the website is still really transparent about its terms of service. The field of psychic reading is never 100% correct. And Purple Garden accepts that by stating it in their terms of use.

According to the platform, they do not want their users to blindly believe in their readings. These types of services can never be 100% accurate or factual. Therefore, the platform is really transparent about this fact and encourages users not to take these readings too seriously, for which I really appreciate their honesty.

User-Friendly Mobile App

Perhaps one of the most user-friendly apps for any occult service has to be the Purple Garden mobile app. It is so easy to use that even an 11-year-old can use the app without any problems. However, I strongly advise children not to use this platform. It is only meant for adults.

From quick navigation to easily accessible options, this mobile app allows you to get video, phone, and chat psychic readings without any issues, long waiting times, or bugs. It is fast, reliable, and incredibly user-friendly. Use their mobile app to consult with your favorite advisors on the go.

So if you are looking for a platform that offers cheap online psychic readings, go ahead and get a free reading at Purple Garden today.

So that’s all, fellas! This pretty much sums up my review of the most reliable and qualified occult services I have ever come across. If you are someone who has never tried these services before, go ahead and give it a try using your free minutes. There is absolutely nothing to lose!

How to Choose the Best Psychic Readings Services? (H3)

Wondering how I shortlisted these services from among dozens of psychic reading businesses on the internet? Below, I have listed a few parameters that I compared these sites against to rate them as the best in what they do.


When it comes to a psychic reading online service, most people are looking for affordable options. Most first-time users are actually skeptical about these services. And when they find out that they’d have to pay tens of dollars just for a minute of reading, their doubts only multiply.

All of the websites that I have mentioned above are highly affordable for new users. Not only do they offer cheap psychic readings and free psychic readings for first-time users, but they also roll out season deals and discounts to help you schedule another reading with the cheap psychics of your choice.


Another important factor to look out for when choosing online psychics is whether they offer high-quality services. Quality in online psychic readings is determined by their accuracy, ability to comprehend your concerns, and the ability to offer satisfying guidance.

All of the four websites I have mentioned above offer the best psychic readings on the internet. They are highly reputable businesses with millions of users and thousands of positive ratings that speak volumes about the quality of their services. So you can rest assured that you will be getting guidance from the best online psychics on the web.


When looking for a psychic online, you want to rely on an expert who is experienced enough to know what they are doing. Experienced online psychics are not only specialized in a variety of psychic abilities, tools, and services but can also have a better chance of providing the most accurate readings.

All the websites we have mentioned above have been in operation for more than two decades. Some are even three decades old and are known as the pioneers of online psychic readings. Therefore, you can rest assured that your matters will be handled by the most experienced professionals on the internet.


All of the platforms mentioned above offer really amazing deals and discounts. If you are looking for free psychic readings as a new user, you can get a free psychic reading online on any of these platforms from cheap psychics. With free reading minutes, rewards, and season discounts, both new and existing users of these platforms can benefit from incredibly cheap psychic readings from the most qualified and expert psychics.

Variety of Psychic Reading Online Services

In addition to experience and quality, another important factor that determines the effectiveness of a psychic reading online service is the variety of services they provide. Occult sciences is an incredibly broad field that offers guidance to people from all walks of life.

People turn to free psychics online for all sorts of problems. Be it a love life matter, a career problem, a school thing, a spat with their family, or a general question about their future, occult sciences can come in handy for all of these concerns.

All of the platforms we have mentioned above have highly experienced psychic mediums, love psychics, and live psychics who offer psychic predictions, tarot readings, spiritual readings, and more related to all areas of your life. So if you are looking for a psychic medium or reader for any area of your existence, you can rely on these platforms for online psychic readings.

Online Psychic Readings - Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Different Types of Psychic Readings?

Every psychic reader has different abilities and tools that they use to guide you towards your future and get visions about different areas of your life. While some use their clairvoyance powers to offer direct readings, other cheap psychics have a more empathetic style that resonates with your emotional situation. They find it easy to understand your emotions without you having to tell them anything.

The most common types of psychic readings include:

1. Cartomancy readings: Used to predict information about your life by using a deck of cards.

2. Astrology: Seeking help from the positions of celestial objects to predict information about your current and future life.

3. Tarot readings: A type of psychic reading used to get information about your current, past, and future life using tarot cards.

4. Aura reading: A type of reading where the psychic online observes and interprets the aura around you. These are special psychics who are gifted with the ability to sense and interpret auras.

5. Numerology readings: A type of reading where the psychic online uses the significant numbers in your life to predict things about your past, present, and future.

Are Online Psychic Readers Always Accurate?

Psychic readings can never be 100% accurate. And whoever claims to offer 100% accurate readings is lying to you. Only the most qualified and best psychics can offer nearly accurate readings. However, these readings are affected by various factors, including the experience of the expert, your ability to explain your situation, and your level of comfort with your expert.

Most online psychics recommend you meditate before your session so that you can focus more clearly during a reading. The more focused you are, the easier it will be for your psychic to draw an accurate reading.

Is Psychic Reading Online Worth It?

Yes. An online psychic reading from the platforms mentioned above is definitely worth it. That’s because all of the psychics on these platforms are highly qualified. The best psychics can help you discover answers about your life that are otherwise impossible to find. You can safely rely on these platforms as they have been thoroughly tried by me.