Jenn Strathman: Introducing NewsChannel 5's Consumer Watchdog

WPTV is proud to introduce Consumer Watchdog Jenn Strathman to the NewsChannel 5 team.

In this role, Strathman's primary goal is to advocate for you, to get action, and to make sure your money is protected.

A multiple award winner, Strathman brings more than a decade of experience to South Florida.

She has saved people hundreds of thousands of dollars as a consumer reporter across the country while shutting down businesses, sending people to jail, and helping to initiate lawsuits by attorneys general.

Her stops have included South Bend, Kansas City, and Cleveland.

Now, she wants to hear from you.

The Consumer Watchdog helpline is (561) 653-5766.

Detailed information can be sent directly to her at .

You can also connect with her on Facebook  and Twitter.

Why wait any longer to get your problems fixed? The Consumer Watchdog is ready to help you.

Read more about Jenn Strathman here.

Scroll down for updates throughout the day as she works for you!

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