Place of Hope: Volunteer helping kids one note at a time

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Sixteen-year-old Thomas Murphy spends his afternoons giving back one note at a time.

Thomas said, "My parents gave me the opportunity to learn music at an early age. I took piano when I was seven-years-old. And I learned other instruments along the way. But I realized a lot of children did not have the same opportunities that I had."

Most of his students live at Place Of Hope-- a home for neglected children in Palm Beach County.

When Thomas started teaching the kids six months ago, he wanted to start them off on the right note. He contacted a publisher to donate piano books. "We got 20 sets of books donated which is definitely a blessing."

Thomas is more than a teacher to the children, he's like a big brother to them.

 Place of Hope Special Projects Manager Sarah Livoti said, "He's here to care for the kids, and to just love on them and be their friend. Not to come in and force them to take piano lessons, but to be their friend. And that goes a long way with these kid, because they have been hurt by a lot of people and by people who were not supposed to hurt them."

Now Thomas wants others to step in.

"I want to expand from just piano. I want to try to get band instruments, guitar, drums, all of the instruments possible. Of course it would take money and a lot of other resources to get instruments donated, but I think it would be worth it."

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