Petals With Purpose: Local woman uses flowers to brighten people's lives

Petals With Purpose

West Palm Beach, Fla. - A local woman is using flower petals to make a difference in the community.

Brittany Agro's organization "Petals With Purpose" takes flowers from weddings and other events and delivers them to nursing homes and to veterans.
Brittany was inspired by her own wedding.

Instead of throwing away the centerpieces after her wedding, she donated them to a hospice facility.
Now she wants other brides and businesses to call her once the event is over.

Brittany said, "The flowers are amazing, they are gorgeous. And everybody smiles when you walk in with them but the meaning behind it is the actual visit and remembering some people who may be forgotten so when we go in we have two missions. We are bringing joy with flowers but we are also saying hello to a person who would appreciate that so much."

"Petals With Purpose"  is also in need of financial donations to cover the cost of picking up and delivering the flowers throughout Palm Beach County.

Petals With Purpose

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