Little Layla getting help fighting cancer

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - A local clinic is making a difference by helping a baby battling liver cancer. Layla is only 11-months old, but is fighting a rare form of infant liver cancer.

Because of her chemo and doctor visits, the family has thousands of dollars in medical bills to pay. The Helix Clinic in Lake Worth is helping by hosting fund-raisers for the girl's family.

John D'Amore from the clinic told NewsChannel 5, "We had people come by and donate gift cards and cash donations and other things that the family can use, while the baby was undergoing treatment because the family was driving down to Miami to have some of the treatments done."

Layla's mother, Monique Ansonia, is thankful for the support. "And the gas cards helped. Miami is far and it puts miles on your truck and money out of your pocket. Everything that they did was extremely helpful."

The next fundraiser for Layla is June 25th in West Palm Beach.

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