Jeremy Martorella: Convenience store owner helping community near Tamarind Avenue

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Jeremy Martorella bought a Tamarind Avenue convenience store in October. It's called Neighborhood Stop and Shop.

"I chose a neighborhood like this because it's similar to where I grew up in New York, hard working folks and a less fortunate neighborhood, " said Jeremy. 

But the business owner is doing more than selling food and something to drink. He started helping the community.

"I bought the entire street pizza and a lot of the neighbors didn't know what to think of it. They are not used to something like this. A store owner giving back to the community," said Jeremy.

He also hosted a Halloween party for residents in the low income community-- free of charge.

"We had face painting, 3000 pieces of candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, it was a really, really great party, " he said.

Jeremy says even kids in the neighborhood are getting to know him and come to the store almost every day.

"Probably half of the kids that come in here have brought me their report cards, we've done stuff on birthdays for them, " said Jeremy.

Kindness he wants passed on.

Jeremy told NewsChannel 5, "I would hope that they would take some of the values that I am trying to instill in them and use it in their lives as young adults or into adulthood to respect everybody, no matter what the income is, no matter what the race is."

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