PJ Schrantz, Former New York City firefighter, uses his grief to help children.

Lost his 7-year-old son to cancer

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - PJ Schrantz remembers the days his son Dustin had to go to the hospital after being diagnosed with leukemia when 9/11 happened. "It's staggering. But when you think about it I was among all of that carnage, the destruction. I didn't know if our country was going to war, but my mind was with my son."

Dustin died in 2003 at the age of 7. "My son fought valiantly for four and a half years."

In 2011 family member Jason Workman, a Navy SEAL, was killed in Afghanistan.

Through his grief PJ is reaching out to sick children in hospitals and to military families whose kids need medical help.

He is providing art therapy. "So when they are in the hospitals and are spending a month or 10 days or a week, they can't leave the hospital. They have the playroom and they have art and art supplies. And they get to leave that environment in their head. It gives them hope," he said.
Last week the organization Till We Meet Again hosted a fundraiser to help a 13-year-old Delray Beach girl diagnosed with leukemia.

PJ says a small donation can go a long way. "We ask people to donate three bucks, three dollars less than what it cost for a gourmet cup of coffee every Friday and you would be surprised, we do amazing things with that."

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