John Goodman court hearing: No change of venue for now in Goodman

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - UPDATE: John Goodman could be tried again in Palm Beach County in connection with a deadly crash that killed Scott Wilson. In a Friday morning hearing the judge said the court would try to seat a jury locally. 

However, if an impartial jury can't be found within a few days, the trial could be moved to another Florida city.

Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and even Tallahassee are under consideration.

The judge set a status check in the case for October 23rd at 8:15 a.m.



Wellington polo club founder John Goodman is scheduled to be in court Friday.

Goodman is back under house arrest while he awaits a trial on charges related to the February 2010 death of Scott Patrick Wilson. Goodman was convicted by a jury in March 2012.   

The conviction was overturned in May after it was ruled that a juror prevented Goodman from having a fair trial.

Attorneys for the polo mogul are expected to discuss several items including the issue of why Goodman's Bentley that was involved in the wreck was later released from evidence without their knowledge.

Prosecutors have agreed to turn over all paperwork and emails related to the release for not only Goodman's vehicle but the victim's Hyundai as well.
According to the Palm Beach Post, former Goodman prosecutor Ellen Roberts released the vehicles back to their insurance companies after Goodman was found guilty last year, before the conviction was overturned because of juror misconduct.

Goodman's attorneys will also have a chance to interview Roberts and an investigator about the cars.

Attorneys will also try to convince a judge to get the new trial moved out of Palm Beach County.

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