How to teach your children how to speak up about abuse

In recent weeks we've covered stories of teachers and coaches who are accused of abusing children.It can be a difficult thing for parents and children to figure out how to talk with each other about this sensitive subject.

Elaine Rotenberg, a psychologist and the Clinical Director of the Alpert Jewish Family & Children's Service has some tips for moms and dads.

Read the tips for teaching your children to speak up below.

From birth:

-Healthy bonding with the child

-Correct terminology for anatomy

-This is "your body"


-Correct terminology for anatomy

-Talk about appropriate or comfortable touch

-Okay to say no

-Swimsuit rule - anything covered is a private area

Elementary school:

-Respect child's privacy

-Discourage slang terminology for genitalia

-Right to say "no"

-Your child will not be punished for telling

Middle school:

-Closely monitor internet use

-Remind children that it is your job to protect them

-Model boundaries

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