JetBlue Flight 671 to West Palm Beach from New York strikes bird, makes emergency landing

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Leora Levy has the pictures to prove she knew something was wrong when her flight took off from Westchester County Airport bound for West Palm Beach.

"I felt the engine slow down and I knew they needed to go faster to climb and we stopped climbing," said Leora.

What Leora didn't know was that during take off, birds hit the nose of the plane. The pilot was communicating with the tower.

"One took a direct hit on the nose just below the windshield. I do have a stuck bird and it's just on my view. It appears I do have a pretty big dent," the pilot said. 
Moments later the pilot calmly told the passengers what had happened. He would be landing the plane at JFK airport.

"And because there was some damage to the nose of the plane and because it needed to be a pressurized cabin, he couldn't climb and we were going to land at Kennedy," said Leora.

Debfra Goldfarb was also on the flight. She took pictures of the plane with her cell phone. She says the pilot's calmness kept the passengers at ease. She told us, 

"He was amazing he just made everybody feel safe and he said there has been a bird strike and that we are going to be directed to Kennedy. Everybody was calm. Nobody felt bad, everybody got off calmly."

No one was injured. Some of the passengers took later flights to West Palm Beach and to other Florida cities.

Air control tower recording, listen below: Mobile users: